DIY Brain Boosting Games & Tips

Keeping the function of your brain in tip top shape is essential for your mental health. However, with busy schedules and added work loads, it can be a bit difficult to find time to support healthy brain functions. That’s why this article was created! We’ve outlined a few fun brain booster games for you to try on those days where you have time to keep your brain in shape. These are games and tips you can do on the go, at the office or whenever you have free time. It’s so important to keep your brain in shape. In fact, more than 50 studies have proven that playing brain games do in fact help. They can help build focus, concentration, clarity and even reduce Alzheimer’s disease. Read below for some fun DIY brain boosting games and tips! 

Cross Word Puzzles :

  • Crossword puzzles are an amazing cognitive exercise! There are so many studies that have proven this game to be incredibly effective for improving focus, memory, concentration and overall brain performance. However, you want to make sure you are choosing a puzzle that challenges you to think. If you are finishing your puzzle within the first 15 minutes, you may want to switch it up! There are lots of DIY crossword puzzles you can find online. You can even choose a theme of your choice on some of them! Go crazy. 

Memorize Your Shopping List:

  • Although not the most exciting, you can make a brain boosting game out of your weekly shopping lists. Try memorizing your list before you go out and see if you can successfully remember all of the items by the end of your trip. You may want to make a little post-it note of the list and keep it out of eye sight unless you really cant remember. Try to work your way to a point where you don’t need a shopping list anymore! You can also try doing this with other lists such as driving directions.

The Items Game:

  • This can be a fun one for the whole family. For this game, you will need a sheet and about 5-10 small and random items. Here’s how to play, have someone other than yourself place 5-10 items on a table in front of you. For 5 minutes, try to memorize all of the items in front of you. After the 5 minutes are up, place a sheet or a non-transparent cloth over the items. The goal is to recite back all of the items within 5 minutes. If you correctly get all of them, try adding on another item the next round.

Play Rounds Of Chess:

  • Did you know that chess is one of the most intellectually challenging games around the world? It’s a game that requires so much cognitive performance. It boosts concentration, memorization, focus and enhances short term memory. Coming up with strategies also enhances overall cognitive performance. Try playing at least 1-3 games of chess per week! Maybe you’ll become a pro one day.


  • Although frustrating, Sudoku is a great way to boost brain performance. The numbering game can be found in the back of newspapers or online. The idea of keeping a series of numbers in your head while finding the correct placement helps increase organization, focus, memory and overall performance. Not to mention when you successfully complete it, the serotonin boost is pretty satisfying.