Guarana Seed Uses

At this point, most of us have heard about Guarana. If you ever taken a close look at an energy drink, then you have likely seen the name on it somewhere. The name of the Guarana plant owes its name to the Amazonian tribe of the Guarani.

The Guarani have used Guarana seeds for to brew special drinks. Today, the Guarana seed is still being used medicinally.

One of the more popular uses of the Guarana seed is to provide energy and promote weight loss. Guarana see extract is a stimulant and can reduce physical and mental fatigue. Due to its weight loss and energizing benefits, it is widely used to improve athletic performance and weight loss.

Therapeutically, Guarana seed extract is utilized for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and to treat low blood pressure. Moreover, it is also employed for malaria and dysentery prevention. Furthermore, Guarana seed can also be used as an astringent, increased flow of urination and to enhance the sexual appetite.

Guarana seed extract is also included in treatments for chronic headache, backache, joint pain and diarrhea. Also, it is used for fevers, heat stress and heart problems.

The Guarana seed is also used in food manufacturing. It is utilized as a flavoring agent in candies and beverages.

Guarana for Anxiety Treatments

There are a number of medicines that use Guarana in its ingredients for the treatment of anxiety. Some research suggests that two tablets of Euphytose taken three times a day for 28 days can reduce anxiety for some people. However, whether or not it is specifically the Guarana that provides these benefits is still not clear.

Euphytose Ingredients:

  • Guarana
  • Hathowrn
  • Black Horehound
  • Passionflower
  • Valerian
  • Cola Nut
Guarana Seed Uses

Guarana doesn’t make you fly

Guarana for Mental Performance

It is indicated by some research that a single dosing of dry Guarana extract may enhance through processing. Conflicting research suggests adults and older people experience no mental function enhancement.

Guarana for Weight Loss

Combined with mate and damiana, Guarana could help promote weight loss. Evidence is developing suggests that Metabolife-365 containing Guarana, ephedra along with 17 other vitamins and minerals could promote help with losing weight. One study of this supplement eludes to a 2.7 kg weight loss over an eight-week period along with diet and exercise. Further research is required to prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt, however.

Other Treatments Include:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Fluid retention
  • Headaches
  • Heard problems
  • Improvement of exercise endurance
  • Improvement of short-term, high-intensity performance and power
  • Increasing blood pressure in people with low blood preasure
  • Malaria
  • Other conditions

Guarana Dosing

In order to establish the proper dosage of Guarana seed extract, there are many factors that need to be considered. This includes the age and health of the user. In addition there are several other conditions that need to be considered. Right now at this time the scientific information available is too limited. There is not enough study of the dosing of Guarana seed extract to provide a proper effective and safe dosage. Just because it is natural does not necessarily mean it is safe to take for all people and at any dosage.