Natural Caffeine Sources

Some of us feel like we can’t live without it. I know that personally, a cup of coffee in the morning is an indelible component of my morning routine. Without that nice caffeine boost to get me going, it can be exceedingly tough to break out of the fog. I must admit, I also drink a few too many energy drinks when my fuel runs low in the afternoon or evening. We all know that these aren’t very healthy solutions for getting an energy boost. Seeking natural caffeine sources is the way to go for a kick to the system that won’t bring additional harm.

Of course, there are the common staples that many of us are familiar with. But there may be more natural caffeine sources than you realize. If you’re looking for new ways to get that mental and physical jump start, then try getting your caffeine the nutritious way. You might say that these vehicles provide caffeine the way nature intends.

Caffeine Benefits and Side Effects

You’re likely aware of them, but we’ll run through them quickly anyway. It’s a mild stimulant that provides a comprehensive energy increase over a period of time. Caffeine can offer physical dividends, increasing exercise stamina and motivation, while also sharpening mental focus and productivity. Studies suggest that consuming it in recommendable amounts can also deliver long-term perks. For instance, various research provides evidence that caffeine can reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s, cataracts, liver fibrosis and kidney stones, among other things.

But what about the caffeine side effects? There certainly are some, especially if you overdo it. These can include nervousness, the shakes, anxiety, insomnia, upset stomach and more. In general, most people won’t face these issues as long as they keep intake in check. Additionally, the side effects are less prevalent when using natural caffeine sources. Which brings us to our main subject for today.

Best Natural Caffeine Sources

Black Coffee: This one comes as no surprise. Coffee beans are great natural caffeine sources as we all know. But when you fix up a fancy drink like a latte or cappuccino, or dump tons of sugar and cream into coffee, it can become rather unhealthy. Keep it simple and straightforward for the most nutritious experience possible.

Green Tea: This is an excellent way to get your caffeine fix. Green tea naturally carries a robut infusion of caffeine, making it one of Earth’s best energizers. Because of the acute cognitive benefits this herbal solution offers, green tea extract is among the most popular and effective nootropic ingredients.

Dark Chocolate: Generally we don’t recommend eating candy if you’re on a diet or health kick. And, of course, we don’t advise chowing down on endless cocoa bars. But dark chocolate is among the most nutritious sweets, offering antioxidant support without huge amounts of sugar. Its subtle yet noticeable caffeination levels will help perk you up.

Guarana: You probably see this ingredient in many energy drinks and commercial products. It’s a plant native Brazil and its seeds contain hefty caffeine doses — about twice the concentration of coffee beans. Guarana is a very common dietary supplement ingredient.

By sticking with these natural caffeine sources, you can ensure your energy boost doesn’t come at the expense of your health.