Best Hydration Sources

You probably don’t need anyone to tell you about the benefits of hydration at this point. It’s a point that physicians, fitness trainers and wellness websites hammer home regularly. Whether your goals involve weight loss, anti-aging, muscle building or simply overall good health, this is a vital component. Much like a vehicle needs oil changes and maintenance to run smoothly, your body requires plenty of H20 for optimal function. So many issues that people experience are traceable to this simple problem. Many people get insufficient hydration and aren’t even aware of it. By focusing on inclusion of the best hydration sources in your daily regimen, you can make sure you avoid such downfalls.

How much water should you drink daily? Well, the old traditional standard is eight glasses per day. But of course, recommendations can vary based on gender, weight and personal circumstances. And these days, experts are actually suggesting that the old thresholds may come up a little short. For instance, the Institute of Medicine currently advises that adult males drink 3.7 liters per day while females drink 2.7 liters. That’s more than 30 pints of water for guys! It can be hard to even envision where you’re going to fit all of that water-drinking into your schedule, but fortunately drinking a glass of H20 isn’t the only way to accomplish the task.

These drinks and foods rank as some of the best hydration options outside of water. Lean on them heavily to ensure you’re hitting your goals each day.

Best Hydration Foods and Drinks

Want to be confident you’re getting the best hydration possible? Load up on these dietary options:

Coconut Water

Some consider it the most hydrating substance you can find. Others insist that those claims are exaggerations, and it really doesn’t surpass plain water in terms of direct hydration. But there’s no question that coconut water ranks among the best hydration sources. It’s low in carbohydrates and sodium but rich in potassium. It also contains electrolytes, much like some of your favorite sports drinks, but delivers them naturally.


This bright red fruit, a hallmark of summer picnics, consists of more than 90 percent water. When eating it, you not only get the fulfillment of consuming a fibrous fruit boasting plenty of vitamins and nutrients, you’re also getting plentiful hydration. Two birds with one stone!


Carrying an even higher water content than watermelons at roughly 97 percent, cukes are one of the ultimate hydrators. They don’t have quite as much nutritional value and most people aren’t going to sit and eat one straight up. But if you make a point of adding them to salads and other dishes, you can add an extra moisturizing edge.


Many tend to overlook this one, but its hydrating qualities are inherently obvious. I mean, most soups are literally just ingredients floating in liquid. Because soup is satiating and can often include a ton of nutrients, it’s a good choice to include as a mainstay. Souping diets are gaining a lot of popularity of this reason, outshining juicing diets as a superior choice. Standing out as one of the best hydration options only strengthens its case.