Garcinia Total Diet Review

Garcinia takes up a huge place in the diet supplement market today.  But has it really earned that spot?  With so many different reports swirling around about Garcinia, and then the wide swing in quality you find with Garcinia supplements, it can be tough to see what’s what.  Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  That starts with looking at products like Garcinia Total Diet and seeing if they’re worth your time, or they’re trying to pull something over on you.  Today, we’ll be taking a close look at ingredients that make Garcinia Total Diet work.  Then we’ll take a look at some of the things people are saying about the product, before ending with a brief discussion on how to buy the supplement.  Ready to get started?


Garcinia Total Diet is billed as something new and exciting in the supplement community.  But does this total approach bring total success, total failure, or something in between?  After all, Garcinia has somewhat of a conflicting history in terms of studies that support it, and studies that don’t.  While some sites will flat out say it’s misleading, we haven’t found that to be the case in our research into the various studies.  At worst, it works for some people and not others.  But for people that want a natural weight loss product, we seem to agree that Garcinia Total Diet is worth a try.  Let’s take a look at ingredients.

Garcinia Total Diet: The Ingredients

Ingredients are everything as far as supplements are concerned.  So is Garcinia Total Diet falling into the same trap that many other supplements do?  No, or at least not according to the information they’ve handed out.  There is some indication that there are additional ingredients, but they should be fillers, not active ingredients.  Let’s look a little more at Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia Cambogia – You’ve all heard of it, but have you looked at what it is, and why it works?  The once mysterious fruit is now in the mainstream. Its small, it’s odd, it looks a bit like a pumpkin mixed with a lime, and it’s a citrus fruit.  It also has a unique chemical called Hydroxycitric Acid in it that makes for some exciting interactions with your bodily processes.  The biggest ones have to do with fat production, and secretion of the hormone serotonin. 

Garcinia Total Diet Bottle  Garcinia Total Diet:

  • Active Ingredient: Garcinia Cambogia
  • Weight Loss Potential: ★★★★
  • Price Rating: ★★★★★ 
  • User Reviews: ★★★ 
  • Overall Rating: ★★★★

Garcinia Total Diet Reviews

Reviews are tricky.  Not all reviews, obviously, but the kind of unregulated reviews that the internet is known for.  You never know what kind of motive a reviewer has.  Are they a user, or are they getting paid in some way?  Garcinia Total Diet has a glut of reviews out there, and a lot of them are of the paid variety.  But we’ve seen a few things that we like from those reviews.  Even the ones that are negative, and pushing another product, are still fairly positive about the product and ingredients.  The buried user reviews we’ve seen are another story.  They paint a mixed picture of the product, and the trial.  More on the trial program below.

The Garcinia Total Diet Trial

Hi everybody, meet the Garcinia Total Diet Trial.  It has a low up-front cost, and gets higher priced as you go.  Well, not higher.  It just has a monthly price that can be a bit high for some people.  The trial lasts about two weeks, and is fairly competitive with other trials we’ve seen.  If you want full information on the trial, head to the main page to get started.  If you want to see our recommended Garcinia supplement, click the button up top.  You can’t miss it!