Ginseng Supplements

Is ginseng the cure for all that ails you? Well, if you take its definition literally, then yes. The actual scientific name for the most common version of property is “Panax ginseng” — the word Panax translates to panacea, “a remedy for all ills or difficulties.” A lofty title, no doubt, and certainly a high bar to live up to. This herb has been used for thousands and thousands of years as a healing and medicinal ingredient. While some of its benefits tie directly to folklore and mythical legend, there are clear-cut demonstrable advantages to the extract as it applies to human wellness. Today, we’ll look at how some of the best ginseng supplements on the market are tapping into these capabilities.

There are a number of different varieties of Ginseng. Siberian and American ginseng are fairly common, and the former is often present in the formulas for ginseng supplements. Panax ginseng also goes by the names Asian, Chinese or Korean ginseng. In Chinese traditions, this root is among the most important and profound natural healing properties that comes from Earth. According to lore, it brings vitality, longer lifespans and newfound wisdom to those who consume it. Now, like we said, we’re not vouching for these supernatural proclamations, but there are certainly a number of legitimate health perks that you can drive from ginseng supplements.

Benefits of Ginseng Supplements

What kind of positive effects can you expect to notice if you take ginseng supplements? To be sure, some have more substantiation than others. But these are some advantages that these products can provide with a strong basis in research and evidence. Let’s take a look at a few.

Natural Energy Boost. Ginseng supplements offer naturally stimulating qualities. This can be a more subtle and less jittery impact than you might get from caffeine or other ingredients. Ginseng tea is of course also a good vehicle for getting your energy kick from the root.

Improvements in Cognitive Function. Ginseng is a popular non prescription smart pill ingredient because of its notable support for brain function. Several studies suggest that it can help individuals focus better and enjoy greater productivity. This goes hand in hand with the item above, to some extent — more energy means more motivation to get things done.

Anti-Inflammatory Qualities. Found naturally within the ginseng plant, ginsenosides are a class of natural steroid glycosides that can support immune function and can help reduce inflammatory reactions to infections.

Stress Reliever. Herbal substances that help the body adapt to stress and normalize bodily processes are called adaptogens. Not only is ginseng an adaptogen, it actually is the plant that originated the term. Not only can ginseng supplements help reduce the mental impact of stress but also the bodily impact.

Libido Enhancer. Many men take ginseng as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Some call it “Nature’s Viagra” but that’s a bit of a misnomer as it can prove useful for both males and females. If you’re considering trying a prescription sexual function enhancer, it’s a good idea to try ginseng supplements first. They are much less expensive and also lack the side effects inherent to the pharmaceutical brands.

How Much do Ginseng Supplements Cost?

This varies, but usually the range is around $20 to $40 for a quality brand. Occasionally you will find them for $10 or less although these usually lack premium ingredients. Meanwhile, these ginseng products are sometimes marketed as something else (male enhancement supplements, specifically) with much higher price tags. Watch out for those. As long as you get a natural blend from a manufacturer with a trustworthy track record, you should see good results.