Healthy Alcohol Choices

Okay, let’s cover this up-front: there aren’t REALLY any healthy alcoholic beverages. The more accurate title would be relatively healthy alcohol choices. But that doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it? The truth is that if you are smart and strategic about your drinking, you can enjoy the occasional drink without worrying too much about its damaging health impact. In fact, some options actually offer meaningful benefits. This isn’t to say you should go out and tie one on now as part of your diet. But this info can help you make smart decisions when it comes to your drinking.

First and Foremost: Moderation

We can’t emphasize this enough. The primary consideration to keep in mind for healthy alcohol habits is limiting your intake. Regardless of what you’re drinking, consuming too much alcohol can lead to poor outcomes and higher risk of disease. These include depression, stroke, liver disease and stomach bleeding. We always recommend sticking to a drink or two. If you want to unwind a bit on the weekend from time to time, that’s OK. But never push yourself to “blackout drunk” stage and ALWAYS make sure you have transportation plans if going out.

Additionally, robust hydration is essential. One of the biggest short-term drawbacks of drinking is that it depletes your body’s water supplies. This is a major contributor to hangovers. One smart idea is matching every alcoholic drink with an equal amount of H2O.

With those basic points out of the way, let’s move on to discussing some of the healthiest alcoholic drinks you can choose.

Go With These Healthy Alcohol Drinks

Vodka and Soda Water

When people consume cocktails or mixed drinks, they to compile calories at an absurd rate. This is partially because of the caloric content of the liquor, but more so due to the mixer. Sodas and juices have tons of sugars and cals. We often see people taking in their entire daily recommendation for calories in one sitting at the bar. Mixing with soda water, or just water, keeps the cals in check and also offers hydrating benefits.

Bloody Mary

This brunch mainstay won’t save you a ton of calories, listing at around 150 per glass. However, it does deliver some helpful nutrients, allowing you to get a bit of a wellness fix along with your buzz. The tomato juice used as the primary mixer features plenty of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. You can add extra veggies to really kick up the healthy twist. You could also try adding alcohol to your favorite recipes from juicing diets.

Red Wine

I would argue that you won’t find a more healthy alcohol source than red wine. Its basis comes from nature, since the sole ingredients are fermented grapes. Red wine is one of the few places you can find a healthy fix of resveratrol, which ranks among the healthiest antioxidants. Its unique anti-aging and organ protection qualities make it a vital diet inclusion.

Obviously there are other wise choices you can make when it comes to healthy alcohol consumption. Go with light beer over the standard alternative. Pass up sugary malt drinks. Try sipping dark liquors such as whiskey neat rather than mixing with cola.

And, above all: everything in moderation!