Optic Cleanse Review

When it comes to weight loss, we tend to think a lot about fat burning supplements like Forskolin, or diet control pills like Garcinia.  However, one topic that tends to fly under the radar is autointoxication.  Though it’s unclear when this term came about, it’s easy to see where it comes from.  The prefix “auto” means “self,” and “intoxication” means to succumb to some toxin (often alcohol, but not in this case).  Many people consider autointoxication to be a big problem for physical and even mental health.  And, it could be what’s getting in the way of your weight loss progress.

Today we’re reviewing a new cleansing supplement, Optic Cleanse.  Cleansing supplements seek to help you flush out toxins, allowing you to lose weight naturally.  The idea is that your body carries around toxins that make it difficult to slim down.  And, this is generally where fatigue, bloating, weight gain, indigestion, and other not-so-nice health problems come from.  So, when we’re looking at Optic Cleanse, or any other cleanse, we want to see how it could help you detox and get over those symptoms.  So, what did we think about this product, Optic Cleanse?  Keep reading for our full review.


How Does Optic Cleanse Work?

Cleanses usually take a pretty uniform approach to detoxifying your body.  The idea is that many of us are carrying around excess waste in our large intestines (or the colon).  And, this excess waste captures and holds onto bacteria and toxins.  Some of these toxins may come from pesticides, for example, or non-organic ingredients.  And, these toxins irritate your digestive tract, causing you to hold onto more waste, and making it into a vicious cycle.  Some people whose bodies became severely encumbered by toxins have ended up with colons that weighed more than ten pounds.

Now, there are some ingredients that we’d like to see in a detox like Optic Cleanse.  Any number of these ingredients can help move waste through your body and help you feel better and slim down.  One of these ingredients is green coffee beans.  These differ from regular coffee beans, which go through a roasting process.  On the other hand, some people prefer Aloe Vera cleanses.  Aloe Vera is, of course, the succulent plant that contains a gel-like substance in its leaves.  And, while it’s great for skin, it can also have that same calming effect on your insides.  These sort of ingredients can help products like Optic Cleanse do their job.

Do We Recommend Optic Cleanse?

If we could see that Optic Cleanse does contain a cleansing agent, like the ingredients mentioned above, then we would whole-heartedly recommend it.  As it is, the manufacturer’s site doesn’t give a clear list of ingredients.  And, that means we’re not entirely sure what cleansing agent this product is using.  So, if you do decide to order it, it could range from very effective to run-of-the-mill.  However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t try it.  We just can’t necessarily give it our full confidence.

How To Order Optic Cleanse

From what we could get from the manufacturer’s site, this cleanse does not have a free trial offer.  So, if you decide to order it, you’re probably going to be paying full price upfront.  However, many of these products have good refund policies, if you decide that the product doesn’t agree with you.  So, go ahead and do a quick Internet search to find the order page, and give it a shot.  Otherwise, you can always see our favorite weight loss product.  Click the button on this page for details, and thanks for reading!