Safest Diets: Is Your Diet Safe?

So, you are planning to lose weight and looking for a new diet to try. But, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands. How do you go about choosing the right one? Which diets are safe? Today, we will be discussing some of the best diet plans out there that are safe, yet effective.

Structure House Weight Loss Plan

This effective, but not well known diet plan is developed by Dr. Gerard J. Mustante, PhD. It was originally developed through a residential treatment center for obese adults in North Carolina. Now, this treatment process is being adapted to an at-home diet program. The Structure House Weight Loss Plan consists of the Step Diet, motivational plans and exercise routines.

Weight Watchers

Counting calories is not easy, but you really need to watch them if you want weight loss success. That is the great thing about the classic weight loss program, Weight Watchers. They provide you with a gold-standard weight loss program to help dieters keep up with science and lifestyle changes that work. It offers well balanced diets that are healthy and a couple of weight loss plans for different approaches. One is the point-based Flex plan that helps educate dieters and provide motivation along with the framework for success. The other is the Core Plan with focuses on nutritious and satisfying foods minus all the calorie counting.

EatingWell Diet

Safest Diets

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The fundamentals of the EatingWell Diet were developed at the University of Vermont by Dr. Jean Harvery-Berino, PhD, RD. It focuses on behavioral changes. This includes eating triggers and eating. Along with shopping mindfully, and cultivating enjoyable exercise habits. Along with a 28-day mix-and-max menu, it scores high marks for caloric intake and weight loss rate.

Volumetric Eating Plan

Dr. Barbara Rolls, PhD Nutritionalist cracked the code of what humans want the most: the feeling of being full. After a number of studies, the Volumetrics plan was developed to help people lose weight with focuses on energy high, low density foods. Low density foods, like fruits and vegies, soups and stews, can help fill you up without piling on the calories. It includes exercise as a secondary, yet essential role in the Volumetrics plan. All that is required is 30-60 minutes of exercise a day.

Best Life Diet

This high-profile guide is the developed by Bob Greene. You may have recognized him from his connections to superstar and diet, Oprah Winfrey. The Best Life diet takes an overall healthy lifestyle change approach. It works with motivational elements of each diet. By embracing realistic goals, the Best Life diet provides an effective solution to achieving weight loss. It works in threat phases for dieters to use at their own pace. This strategy leads to slim, nutritional eating and increased physical activity.


Originally, this program was criticized in the 1990s for being too difficult to sustain. It was developed by Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, to advocate a program that would help combat heart disease. Now, the Spectrum diet has been revamped with broader and softer edicts. I contains separate paths to health based upon nutrition, exercise, stress management and personal relationships.