Weight Loss Supplements Guide

Weight loss supplements have become popular in recent years, leading to an uptick in supplement varieties. If you are in the market for a weight loss supplement, you will encounter an almost endless barrage of ingredients, brands, and claims. This article will narrow the focus a little. I’ll discuss the different weight loss supplements out there as well as some of the myths and facts that surround them. It’s important to note first of all that no supplement pill, no matter how aggressively marketed, will magically burn all your excess fat. Losing weight includes a number of factors, many of which are determined by your lifestyle and tangible diet and exercise decisions. That being said, some people have a hard time losing weight with just diet and exercise, so supplements do prove useful for these people.

Weight Loss supplementsWhat Do Weight Loss Supplements Do?

When a product identifies itself as a weight loss supplement, what does that mean? Well, weight loss supplements are generally targeting one or more of three issues. Some supplements work to suppress your appetite. This will make you feel fuller to force you to eat fewer calories. Other supplements focus on reducing absorption of the food you eat. The goal here is to keep you from taking in too many calories that eventually lead to weight gain. Lastly are the supplements that attempt to increase fat burning. These are three different approaches, so it is good to mindful of your personal needs to make a more informed decision when picking out a supplement for yourself.

Garcinia Cambogia

Until recently, Garcinia Cambogia has gone unnoticed. But lately it has been hailed as an effective weight loss solution. It is a small fruit, found in southeast asia, that contains an important chemical, hydroxycitric acid. HCA, as it is sometimes abbreviated, helps suppress appetite and reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs from your diet. It also helps boost metabolism. HCA is the major contributor to any weight loss success here, so if you can, you might as well go straight for an HCA supplement. You need at least 50% HCA in a supplement to get the desired results.

Raspberry Ketones

This is kind of an unexpected weight loss supplement. Ketones are a substance found within raspberries. They are synthetically produced, however, to increase the concentration amount. Basically, raspberry ketones work by isolating fat cells in your body to break down fat so it can be used for energy. There have not been any studies on humans with raspberry ketones, however, so this is a doubtful product that you might wait to try until there is some scientific backing.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Yes, these are, in fact, the same kind of coffee beans that you use for your morning coffee. So why doesn’t that cup o’ joe help you lose weight. Well, caffeine actually does help speed metabolism. But the reason here is that green coffee beans haven’t been roasted. During the roasting process, the element known as chlorogenic acid is eliminated. Chlorogenic acid helps slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates, thus slowing their transfer to fat. There have been several studies that link green coffee extract to weight loss. Always check with your doctor to make sure the supplements you are taking are safe and effective!