What Are Ketones?

Ketones are released from the liver during times of stress in the body. They are water-soluble molecules that release into your body during things like diet, a period of low carbohydrate intake, vigorous exercise, or if you have untreated Type 1 Diabetes. They are also produced when you lose weight, because they body is under stress during that time. Ketones also come when the body burns fat for energy or fuel. Some research suggests that ketones can help you lose weight when taken in supplement form. Because, you can get ketones naturally from different fruits.

Ketones And High Blood Sugar

What Are Ketones

These Raspberries Have Raspberry Ketones

For people with diabetes, ketones in the blood usually means they have high blood sugar. But, the liver only makes them after a long period of high blood sugar or lack of insulin. Because, when your body doesn’t make enough insulin, which is common with diabetes, the sugar in your blood builds up. And, that means it doesn’t enter your cells, so they don’t have an energy source. So, your body starts burning fat instead of sugar for energy, and ketones form. The whole process of burning fat for energy is the basis of the idea that ketones can help you lose weight.

Ketones And Weight Loss

When you’re trying to lose weight, your body releases ketones. And, they can be found in your urine, which is a good indicator you’re losing weight. Obviously, you wouldn’t know if you have ketones in your urine without getting a test done, but if the scale is going down that’s a good indicator. Basically, when you try to lose weight, your body uses the sugar in your fat stores as energy. So, it starts burning away those fat stores, which makes you slimmer. Ketones are the byproduct of this energy burning process.

 So, some studies show that ketones are good for burning away body fat. Because, the presence of them in your body means you’re burning away fat stores and sugar. So, taking more ketones from a supplement allegedly can help encourage your body to start shedding stubborn fat stores. That’s why ketones are such an interesting way to lose weight. Because, they’re basically doing some of the fat burning work for you. Ketones especially come out in the body when you stick to a low-carb diet. Because, carbs are basically sugar your cells use for energy, but without that sugar, your body has to burn fat stores instead, therefore making you slimmer.

Should You Take A Supplement With Ketones In It?

If you combine a low-carb diet and a ketone supplement, you can expect to lose weight. In fact, experts say that this method may be one of the fastest ways to slim down. Because, it basically forces your body to burn away excess fat for energy. As a result, this raises your metabolism and makes it easier for you to lose weight. Another great benefit of ketones is that you’re burning away pure body fat without even noticing.

But, ketones work with your body naturally, so it’s considered fairly safe. You should always stick to supplements that use only natural ingredients, as they’re safer and better for your body. Natural ketone supplements get ketones from raspberries, berries, peaches, grapes, and other natural sources. So, try to find something that uses ketones from those natural sources for the safest results.