Worth the Squeeze? Truth on Juicing Diets

We are always in search of the next big diet. When any new fad pops up, we wonder: will this become a mainstay or will it simply vanish as a short-lived gimmick? Juicing diets are a particularly controversial subject. Because they are fairly easy to do, and because the science behind them SEEMS good, they’re very popular. But is this approach actually effective or is it simply an empty premise? More importantly, do the benefits outweigh the downsides? Because — make no mistake — juicing diets to have some very noteworthy negatives.

A juicing diet, in its strictest form, involves going a certain period of time while drinking nothing but liquids. These are usually fruits and veggies that go through a juicer or blender. The idea here is that you can cut down significantly on food intake while putting a heavy emphasis on vitamins and nutrients. Not a bad idea, in theory. And without question, juicing diets can lead to rapid weight loss. But at what cost?

The Problem with Juicing Diets

When you put fruits through a juicer, you get the contents that sift through the process are what you get. Unfortunately, this tends to remove the fibrous pulp. This is a critical part of a plant’s nutritional value. It’s also the ironic part about a “juicing cleanse” because fiber is by far the most important nutrient for digestion.

Exclusive juicing diets also tend to be very deficient in protein and other properties no present in fruits and veggies. Beyond depriving your body of critical support, fiber and protein are largely responsible for making you feel full. Without them, people tend to go through constant hunger pangs. Add in the high sugar content and you can see why this strict regime is a recipe for trouble.

But there are better ways to go about it.

Doing Juicing Diets Right

When you use it as a component of your dietary habits, juicing can be excellent. If you are like me, and you don’t particularly enjoy the taste of vegetables, running them through a juicer with fruit is a perfect way to get their nutrients. Add daily juicing into a balanced diet and you’ll receive significant health benefits.

Weight Loss with a Juicing Cleanse

You might have heard some lofty tales of rapid weight loss by deploying the juicing cleanse approach. It is true that people can lose significant weight in a hurry with this method. There are tales of individuals dropping as many as a dozen pounds within a couple of weeks, and I believe it. But this technique resembles malnutrition more than healthy weight loss. And as a result, the weight basically always ends up coming back. Often the relapse brings a bigger gain than the initial loss.

Our advice: stick to healthy weight management tactics and aim for more gradual progress. Juicing is an excellent piece of the larger puzzle but excluding other important food groups and categories is unwise. This will enable you to shed those pounds in a manner that works for your body and proves sustainable.