5 Strange Natural Remedies

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of falling ill at the house of an older relative, you may have experienced the utter oddity to being subjected to some crazy home remedies.  You may be wondering how these ancient methods could even be effective.  But, believe it or not, sometimes Great-Grandma knows best.  Modern medicine is, after all, frequently derived from these old go-to’s.  Of course, we’re not suggesting you replace necessary prescriptions or forfeit the hospital.  But, if the common cold or some aches and pains have got you down and out, you may be better equipped to handle it than you think.  Here are 5 strange natural remedies that could have you feeling great in no time.

  1. Strange Natural Remedies: Hot N’ Cold

There are some cases in which extreme temperatures are not a good idea.  For example, if you’ve ever done some typing or played piano in a cold room, you know your fingers don’t appreciate it.  But, some cultures swear by extreme temperature therapy.  This is when subjecting yourself to extreme temperatures – often going from one to the other in a short amount of time – supposedly keeps you healthy.  Russians, for example, do this by going in very hot saunas and then promptly jumping into snowdrifts.  So, how does this help you?  Well, some experts say it can help you regenerate vital mitochondria.  And, extreme temperature therapy may be beneficial for anything from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) to malignant tissue damage.  Although, for the malignant tissue damage, you definitely want to seek out the medical professionals.

  1. Strange Natural Remedies: Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils have certainly made a comeback in recent years.  And, there are a lot of reasons why people opt for these simple remedies before going for more complicated routes.  For one, a little bit of essential oil goes a long way: a couple drops diluted in a host oil (such as coconut) should be good enough for a lot of issues.  As for tea tree oil, this antibacterial remedy is great for a variety of skin issues.  Put 2-3 drops of the essential oil into ½ cup very warm water and apply with a cotton ball to ward away acne.  Or, try a little between your toes to keep foot fungus at bay.

  1. Strange Natural Remedies: Fennel

You’ve heard of all the benefits of lavender and age-old herbs like comfrey.  But, did you have any idea that such a powerhouse was hidden away in your spice cupboard?  Fennel is related to anise, caraway, and dill, and its uses are countless.  It’s possible that the ancient Greeks even appreciated fennel’s medicinal properties.  So, what can you do with this amazing herb?  You can brew fennel tea to resolve indigestion, gas, and constipation.  And, you can also solve a cough by inhaling fennel-infused steam.  Fennel’s fiber content and natural cough suppressant can work wonders for you, in your cooking or in your medicine cabinet.

  1. Strange Natural Remedies: Steam

So, we mentioned steam in the previous paragraph.  Steam is incredible for many reasons.  If you live in a dry climate, for example, steam can be helpful in soothing issues that come along with dehydration and dryness.  (It’s one of the reasons that many people get a humidifier for the wintertime.)  Basically, inhaling steam is good for clearing nasal congestion, as well as aiding chest colds, coughs, and laryngitis.  If you want to up your game, you could breathe the steam from certain teas or specially-made shower tablets that will help clear your chest.  Or, you could breathe the steam from boiled potatoes (another Russian remedy).  Really, with steam, the options are endless.  Just be sure not to burn yourself!

  1. Strange Natural Remedies: Hot Drinks

We all know that there’s nothing quite like a cup of soup when you’re sick.  But, hot liquids are more than just a comfort.  Warm drinks can do everything from soothing the throat to improving digestion.  In fact, drinking a hot water with two tablespoons of freshly-squeeze lemon juice in the morning might help your digestion all day.

Sure, some of these methods might seem a little hokey.  But, if you’re willing to try some strange home remedies, you might just be happily surprised.  Of course – and we shouldn’t have to remind you this – you have some serious illness, please see a doctor.  But, if all you need is a little pick-me-up, natural remedies might have you covered.