Benefits of Testosterone

Before we get into the benefits of testosterone, let’s go over what exactly testosterone is in the first place. Although many have heard of this hormone, it is commonly misunderstood as being a “male only” hormone. Testosterone is an androgen, or hormone that helps to stimulate the development of male characteristics. However, females also produce this hormone but at lower levels than males. Testosterone in women is produced in the ovaries whereas it can be found in the testes and adrenal glands in men. Understanding testosterone will help you see why lots of products aimed at supporting male health use testosterone boosting supplements. As men age, testosterone levels can start to drop by 2-4% every year. This can result in weight gain, low libido, fatigue and lack of motivation. That’s why companies target testosterone boosting ingredients in lots of body building and male enhancement supplements.

Benefits of Testosterone

Someone get this guy some Testosterone!

Replaces Body Fat with Lean Muscle Mass

Believe it or not, testosterone plays an important role in decreasing body fat because the hormone helps to regulate insulin, glucose and metabolism levels. When you increase levels of testosterone, fat is unable to store as quickly and your body can burn it off faster. When you take testosterone boosters to enhance your fitness routine, the ingredients help to build lean muscle mass faster. Natural muscle building supplements often times use testosterone boosters to help users get the most out of their workouts and accelerate result time.

Improves Sex Drive

As I’m sure you have heard, testosterone is a sex hormone. It is no surprise that low libido and erectile dysfunction are common symptoms in men that have low levels of testosterone. If you are in individual suffering from low sex drive, lack of energy, mood swings or erectile dysfunction, you may be in need of a testosterone booster. Testosterone boosts sex drive by stimulating neuron receptors in the brain that boost your mood and control arousal. Testosterone also helps to give you back lost energy to help you last longer in bed. Lots of male enhancement supplements contain ingredients that raise testosterone levels in order to boost libido and overall satisfaction.

May Improve Cognitive Function

Studies have found that raising testosterone levels in older males can have a positive impact on the overall function of the brain. In fact, one study found a direct relationship between low testosterone levels and memory loss. Some scientists believe that testosterone prevents brain tissue decay and brain ‘fogginess.’ Some cognitive enhancing supplements or daily vitamins will contain testosterone boosters to help with cognitive function as you age.

Supports a Healthy Heart

Testosterone helps red blood cell production which is essential for maintaining a healthy and active heart. Low testosterone levels are linked to problems with cardiovascular risks. Although testosterone replacement therapy is not a cure for heart disease, raising testosterone levels can definitely help improve the overall function of the heart. Raising levels also boosts oxygen to help support organs throughout the rest of the body. If you are experiencing heart problems, seek professional help before attempting to treat yourself on your own.