Common Ingredients in Post-Workout Supplements

When you’re trying to build up lean muscle, supplements can really help accelerate your results. And, post-workout supplements in particular help surge muscle growth. In fact, your muscles are mostly grown during recovery, so it’s important to have the right nutrients and proteins in the body during that time. Otherwise, your muscles won’t have the right ingredients to grow.

What Are Some Common Ingredients in Post-workout Supplements?

A post-workout supplement can also help decrease your recovery time so you can get back to the gym faster. Below, we discuss common ingredients in these supplements and what they do for you.

Amino Acids

These are incredibly important for building lean muscle and getting the results you want. In particular, branched-chain amino acids make a big difference when it comes to muscle building. For example, Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are the basic building blocks for building protein. And, we all know that protein is important for building up muscles. Leucine in particular is good for the body because it helps spur your body to make new muscles. Working out hard leaves tiny tears in your muscles, and these amino acids rebuild those tears. And, that’s what makes them bulk up.

Simple Carbohydrates

Many muscle supplements contain complexes of carbs that help boost your energy. When you work out, your body runs through all the sugar in your blood. So, you lose blood sugar and energy after a workout. Well, if you’re planning on working out for a long period of time or even having energy after your workout, simple carbs in these supplements help revive your blood sugar and energy levels. And, these quick carbs help replenish your body and make you have energy. So, if you’re going to another workout, you’ll be ready for it.


These are important for your body in general, but also for after a workout. Because, they can prevent free radicals from forming in the body, which causes muscle damage over time. Free radicals break down cells over time, so you could be losing muscle to them. So, supplements use antioxidants to boost your muscle growth and make sure you don’t lose cells to free radicals. Many supplements use Vitamin C or E to rebuild muscles and protect them from degradation. And, both are good ingredients for staying healthy in general. In fact, Vitamin E can even protect your muscles from post-workout soreness.


Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most popular ingredients in the workout world. And, that’s because of its reputation for rebuilding muscles after your workout. If you work out hard, the natural creatine energy system in your body is going to be drained. One of the reasons this one should be in your post-workout supplement is because it’s easier for the body to absorb it after a workout. So, you get more creatine into the right places when you take it then. Creatine is one of the best ingredients for rebuilding muscles and getting you ripped, so it’s another good one to look for.

Bottom Line

All of these ingredients work to improve recovery and make sure you get the results you want. Recovery is one of the most important times for your muscles. In fact, experts say that’s when the body actually builds up muscles. So, your workout lays the groundwork, and then recovery is how you get ripped. That’s why it’s important to take post-workout supplements with ingredients like the ones above. And, it’s also important to take that recovery time, instead of working out every day. Some studies even suggest using a post-workout supplement and working out every other day gives you the best results. The trick is finding a supplement and a routine that works for you.