Glutamine: Should You Use It?

Glutamine is one of the many amino acids that is used to make proteins in your body. It is found naturally at certain levels inside you. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to make new muscle cells. So, you’d work out without ever really getting the results you want. Now, some people think that taking a muscle supplement with Glutamine in it can help improve their muscle results. And, there are many different types made for commercial use now because of those claims. There is some evidence that Glutamine in supplements can accelerate muscle growth. So, taking a supplement with it in there could make you bigger faster.

What Is Glutamine Used For?

Besides making new proteins in the body, this amino acid is used for a variety of different medical purposes. In fact, it’s especially good at combating some of the effects of medical treatments. For example, Glutamine has been used to ease the effects of chemotherapy on cancer patients. Because, Glutamine can help fight off diarrhea, nerve pain, joint pain, mouth swelling, and other symptoms caused by the anti-cancer drug called Taxol. It can also protect the immune system during cancer treatment.

GlutamineBut, Glutamine isn’t just good for helping combat the effects of cancer treatment. It’s also great at helping people recover post-surgery. In particular, it helps post-op recovery during serious surgeries like bone marrow transplant or bowel surgery. In addition to that, it can help speed the recovery of people who have suffered from traumatic injuries. It even can prevent some infections in people who are seriously ill. Finally, Glutamine is great for your digestive system. So, if you suffer from issues like ulcers or colitis, this amino acid can make those easier to deal with. Finally, some experts say that Glutamine can even help with mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

How Does Glutamine Work?

In your body, you have a lot of Glutamine. In fact, this is the one amino acid that your body has the most of. Because, this amino acid helps build up proteins in the body. Then, the blood carries those new proteins around to the organs that need it. So, say for example you get hurt falling down your stairs. Maybe you gash open your arm. Well, this amino acid helps deliver new proteins to the area to rebuild it and heal it. Now, if you’re sick or hurt on a larger scale, you can see how this amino acid helps speed up recovery.

Well, the same goes for your muscles. Because, when you work out vigorously, you actually create tiny little tears in your muscle fibers. And, that’s usually why you feel sore the next day. So, Glutamine is especially good at promoting the healing and rebuilding of your muscles. Because, this amino acid promotes new protein production. Then, this protein fills in those tiny little tears, which eventually makes your muscles bigger and stronger. Without Glutamine, you wouldn’t be able to rebuild muscles and get stronger.

Do You Need A Glutamine Supplement?

If you work out constantly, get hurt often, or worry about your muscles, you may need a Glutamine supplement. Because, your body can only have so much of this amino acid at one time. And, if you get low on Glutamine, your muscles can actually start wasting away. Because, your muscles contain so much protein, that if there’s not enough Glutamine, your body starts using them for fuel and to repair things. So, if you worry about maintaining muscle build and getting stronger, a Glutamine supplement is probably a good thing to look into. Just remember to always stick to natural ingredients when looking for a supplement.