Workout Recovery: Everything You Need To Know

Why is it important that we have a proper recovery after our workout? Also, what does recovering from a workout even mean? Well, we’re here to answer all your questions. You’ve probably heard of cooling down after a workout. If you’re like most people, you probably blow this part of your workout off. Because, you just put in all that work, and you don’t want to do anymore of it, right? Well, if you cool down after a workout, you’re going to be a lot less sore the next day. Let us explain.

Workout RecoveryWhy Is Cooling Down Important For Recovery?

When we workout vigorously, our bodies release something called lactic acid. Because, when our bodies are low on oxygen, carbs in our bodies break down into this acid. So, imagine your sprinting at the gym. Your body gets low on oxygen because you aren’t breathing normally. So, to power itself, the body breaks down carbs for energy. Well, this breakdown process creates lactic acid. And, lactic acid can sit in your muscles and increase soreness the next day. So, when you’re limping around after your workout, this is partly why.

But, if you simply take five or ten minutes to cool down after your workout, you can help flush out this lactic acid build up. For example, if you take a slow stroll to get your heart rate down, you can get rid of some of that lactic acid build up. Another popular post-workout cool down method is stretching. Stretching is great for reducing lactic acid buildup, and therefore making you less sore the next day. In addition to that, stretching can make you more limber and flexible the more you do it. So, cooling down is great for keeping your body healthy and fighting off soreness the next day.

How Should You Recover Properly After A Workout?

The first thing you need to do besides cool down exercises is eat. Your body is low on energy right now, so something with carbohydrates and protein can help revive those energy levels. For example, many people favor a piece of fruit with peanut butter, since that contains a balance of carbs for energy and protein for muscle building. Then, you also need to remember to drink water, because you sweat out a lot more than you think you do. And, dehydration can hurt your muscles and cause cramps.

Next, you need to remember to give yourself a rest day. Many people want to see instant results after working out. Or, they’re trying to lose weight or bulk up faster. So, they think that adding in another workout will get them closer to their goal. However, this isn’t true. In fact, studies show that giving yourself at least one day off a week actually increases muscle growth.

Why? Well, when we workout, we’re putting tiny tears all over our muscles. And, these tears need time to repair themselves. So, working out again the next day doesn’t give your muscles the chance to do this. And, that means you’re not giving your body the chance to grow new muscles. Truly, recovery is actually the most important time for muscle growth. That’s why it’s essential to take at least one day a week off from the gym. Trust us, you’re going to see better results this way.

Are Post Workout Supplements Worth Trying?

Another great way to boost your recovery and make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts is by taking a post workout supplement. These products usually help speed up recovery time and get you ripped faster. So, when you take one, they can restore energy, rebuild muscle for you, remove lactic acid, and even make your results happen faster. That’s why looking into one of these products is a good idea if you want to take care of your body and build muscle quickly. We recommend sticking to natural ingredients when you look for the perfect formula for you.