Does Creatine Work?

If you work on building muscle, then you probably make an effort to inform yourself on any elements that can help your progress. Adding strength tends to be a very gradual progress, and any time you can add an edge, it is helpful. This is particularly true as we get older and certain physiological processes start to degrade. As this occurs, our ability to push through tough strength training sessions and rapidly recover diminishes. If you want to maintain a powerful physique with chiseled definition, then you need to find ways to offset these hindrances. Does creatine work for getting your muscle program back to where it needs to be?

There are a number of options at your disposal when it comes to boosting your workout gains. They’re not always safe. People leaning on steroids or artificial compounds are potentially asking for trouble. These days, there are plenty of pure, herbal and natural choices available. From pre workout boosters to post workout supplements, there is an endless array of approaches to facilitating fast and healthy lean muscle growth. How does creatine work in comparison with some others popular contenders, such as L-arginine and beta alanine?

Before answering the question, does creatine work, we first must define just what creatine is and why it applies to muscle.

What is Creatine?

It’s a property produced naturally in our body by amino acids. It facilitates adenosine triphosphate, which drives cellular energy and plays a critical role in muscle development. When your body runs out of creatine, ATP production ceases and we hit the wall. Of course, that is a tough thing to encounter when working out. So the idea behind supplementing with more creatine is to ensure that you maintain an availability of ATP to use as fuel and avoid crashing.

You can find creatine within some dietary options, such as meat and fish. However, generally supplements are the easiest and and most efficient way to get your necessary fix. Creatine supplementation isn’t as expensive as it once was.

Does Creatine Work?

In terms of safety, cost, ease and efficacy, creatine rates extremely well. It is among the best muscle supplements you’re going to find readily available. Most athletes — not just body builders, but fitness enthusiasts of any kind — drive significant benefit from regularly supplementing with creatine. With that being said, it is far more effective for acute short-burst types of activities (weight lifting, high intensity intervals, etc.) compared to endurance training. You won’t want to take it and go run a marathon, for instance.

When you use for the proper activities, though, creatine adds a significant edge. Users tend to experience improvements in muscle strength, size, growth and power.

When to Use Creatine

Does creatine work better before or after workouts? There are a couple of different schools of thought on this. Some prefer to use it as a pre workout enhancer, so they can enjoy the increases in strength and stamina. Others prefer to take it after a workout, believing this leads to superior absorption while better aiding recovery. Scientific research, meanwhile, appears to be split on the issue. I would say that you really can’t go wrong either way. Creatine is a powerful muscle support supplement and no matter how you use it, you’ll probably be glad you did.