Is HGH Safe?

Human growth hormone gained a great deal of popularity over the past few decades due to its controversial applications in sports. Baseball, in particular, has fallen victim to this troublesome issue. The time period now recognized has “the steroid era” is fraught with asterisks and records now considered illegitimate. But, when we cut through all the static and noise, there are some pertinent questions here. Namely: is HGH safe? Is supplementing with these growth hormones something I should consider to boost my muscle program?

The answer is not as simple as it may seem. Human growth hormones and their usage for workout amplification is a complex topic. Is HGH safe for you to use in your muscle program? Let’s take a look.

About Human Growth Hormone

HGH is s substance that naturally exists in the human body. The pituitary gland produces it and it plays a pivotal role in developmental growth for children and adolescence. Because of the role of these hormones in regulating body composition, muscle and bone growth, metabolism and more, it’s also a compelling factor in health and wellness. Scientists began developing synthetic HGH in 1985. Initially, its usage related to syndromes and diseases that abnormally affected growth. Over time, it started migrating into the fitness world, with body builders taking an interest in its influence on muscle. Its usage as an anti aging property is also on the rise, although scientific data to support this practice is lacking.

Is HGH Safe?

Well, one thing to note is that many supplements claiming to offer hormone balancing effects are not really HGH products. There are plenty of natural ingredients that can subtly affect hormones in a positive way. But as far as HGH injections and direct dosages? These are generally not approved by the FDA, and their safety is questionable.

The potential HGH side effects include swelling due to fluid build-up, pain in the nerves or joints, numbness and tingling, and more. Many believe that artificial HGH increases can also heighten the risk of diabetes and certain cancers.

Is HGH safe? We sure wouldn’t recommend it. The truth is that there are plenty of other methods for getting the workout support you need. Some of the top protein supplements out there can deliver a lot of muscle-boosting benefit without the side effects and risks. There are testosterone boosters that offer far less severe hormonal impact than straight HGH.

HGH Alternatives

If you really want to increase your muscle growth progress, then try a more reliable option. Peruse some of the best pre workout ingredients and determine a regimen that fits for you. Adjust your diet to include more foods that support high functioning metabolism and strength.

HGH can be an effective method for some individuals. Look no further than the big hulking bodies that drove the long ball back into prominence on the baseball diamond in the ’90s for evidence. But the dangers of that approach for your body are considerable, and the benefits not clearly established. Sticking to herbal formulas and natural approaches will pay greater dividends in the long run.