The Many Casein Protein Benefits for Muscle

Everyone knows that protein is the lifeblood of a great strength training regimen. Without the support of this fundamental muscle building block, much of your hard work will go to waste. Because of this, it’s becoming a mantra that every workout warrior follows. Don’t head to the gym without your protein powder or capsules. But of course, there are different types of protein. Therein lies the challenge. How can you choose the right formula for you? Which protein best suits the kind of results you’re aiming to achieve? In particular, casein protein is an option with significant buzz surrounding it. Today we will break down the casein protein benefits so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s the best path for you to follow.

What is Casein Protein?

When you peruse protein supplements online or in the nutrition shop, you might get hit with decision fatigue. There are so many different compounds and compositions. These can range from whey protein to soy to egg to animal and beyond. Each offers its own distinct advantages. They all share the same core elements — helping muscle grow at a biological level while improving your strength and power. But when you get down to the intricacies, there are certainly unique qualities of each.

Casein protein originates mostly in dairy products. You can find it naturally in mammalian milk. It has a number of uses in food production. Casein is a core component of cheese and is also used as a food additive or binder. This property provides several different nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates and amino acids. While you can find it in food, its source for workout support is usually in supplements, frequently coming in hydrolized form.

So, what are the casein protein benefits that separate it from the pack?

Top Casein Protein Benefits

Who should use casein protein? What sorts of workouts is it most conducive to boosting? Are there drawbacks? Our look at the most significant casein protein benefits will cover the bases.

Propels Workout Endurance. More than perhaps any other type of protein, casein helps fuel your workouts and prevent a crash. That’s because, by nature, it delivers a slow and steady flow of amino acids, with effects that last for hours. This not only helps you last longer in the gym, but also can greatly bolster recovery. Drink a casein protein shake before bed and your muscles will be working hard to regenerate and grow throughout the night.

Rapid Muscle Mass Gains. Studies show that casein protein, in comparison to alternatives such as whey or BCAAs, can help users experience much faster gains in lean muscle mass. If you’re looking for results that quickly become evident, casein protein benefits will help get the job done.

Fat Burning Efficacy. Not only does it assist with rapid muscle gain and endurance efficiency, but casein also helps increase metabolic rate. This keeps your body working to torch calories and excess fat around the clock. If your goal is to add muscle while reducing flab so that your strength is visibly evident, casein protein is the way to go.

Casein Protein Side Effects

One of the biggest casein protein benefits is the lack of significant or prominent side effects. A very small fraction of the population has an allergy to this particular property, but otherwise it is mostly free of adverse effects. Contrary to popular belief, if you are lactose intollerant that doesn’t necessarily mean you will then have issues with casein. They are different components of dairy.