Muscle Growth Diet

In the classic cartoon Popeye, the titular hero could famously slug a can of spinach and watch his muscles immediately blow up. With a small dose of this green leafy superfood, the snarky sailor would go from scrawny to brawny. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply eat something and watch your muscle bulge in response? Sadly, that isn’t possible. However, by following a muscle growth diet, you can certainly use the foods you eat to your advantage. There are a number of dietary fixtures that can accelerate your progress and power up your workouts. This will be the focus of our attention today.

If you place a personal emphasis on strength training, than you probably understand the core fundamentals of building muscle. It’s all about getting in productive work at the gym (or wherever you lift) and then giving your body the tools to quickly recover and generate new lean muscle tissue. The foremost key is putting the work in. Finding the motivation to expend the necessary effort and energy is vital. However, without the proper nutrition and support, much of this hard work will go to waste. In order to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workouts, a muscle growth diet is an excellent idea.

Below, we will go over some of the foods that make great components of a muscle growth diet, and why. Load on these choices and watch how it reflects on your physique (albeit not in a matter of seconds — you’re not Popeye).

Building a Muscle Growth Diet Plan

Certain nutrients and minerals play important role in the biological process of muscle building. Formulating a diet with the following foods as cornerstones will help ensure your body is getting everything it needs:

Lean Grass-Fed Beef

Meat is a critical source of protein and properly sourced beef does the job better than most. Obviously, there is the high protein content. Beef also contains plenty of zinc, B vitamin and iron. There are many easy and convenient ways to work this meat into your diets. If you’re on a vegetarian plan and looking for alternatives, try boosting your intake of beans and perusing some of the best protein supplements out there.


Another great source of protein. Many people focus on egg whites as the sole healthy component but the yoke is actually vital to muscle building. It contains good cholesterols, which play an important role in muscle building. A good muscle growth diet will feature eggs as a regular breakfast staple.


It’s one of nature’s mot famous superfood, and with good reason. Among the huge variety of nutrients within this leafy green veggie is glutamine. It’s an amino acid that helps your muscles grow. Spinach also can bolster strength and endurance.

Greek Yogurt

In comparison with plain yogurt, Greek yogurt contains more protein and fewer carbs. Plus, if you buy one with live cultures you will get the benefits of probiotics. These healthy bacteria help cleanse the digestive system, increasing metabolism and spurring fat burn. It’s a helpful step in sculpting the definition you desire.

Brown Rice

Rounding out our muscle growth diet guide is brown rice. You can easily add this as a side for almost any dish, with tremendous benefits. Slow to digest and full of fiber, brown rice provides natural, long-lasting energy. It can also help naturally boost growth hormones.