Muscle Meal Plan

Putting in your work at the gym is only one component of an effective muscle building program. Sure, it’s a very important component. But without other considerations, you’re not going to make the rapid strength gains that you desire. In order to maximize muscle progress, you will want to implement a comprehensive set of measures. Attacking your goals from every angle will make you far more likely to succeed. That means leaning on a supplement stack that supports your efforts and developing a muscle meal plan that feeds growth. There are a number of dietary choices that are quite conducive to assisting these processes. Today, we’ll run through everything you need to know.

We increasingly understand the fact that many different properties can play a role in the physiological functions that play into building muscle. Many of these you can get through supplements. For instance, L-arginine and beta alanine deliver powerful workout support. But other essential ingredients are best derived from the food you eat. Because of this, putting the proper muscle meal plan in place will give you a distinct edge. So how can you situate your dietary decisions around these fundamentals? We’ll lay out what a daily eating regimen looks like that will contribute to reaching your goals.

There are a few fundamental elements that can accelerate your progress. We all know that protein is a critical one, and we’ll cover that below. But we will also tap into some of the less prominent muscle nutrients. If you follow these tips with each meal you will will be help spur growth and ensure your hard work is getting maximal results.

Morning to Night: Muscle Meal Plan

We’ll break this down by each meal, focusing on a few staples that help comprise an effective muscle meal plan. We start with that classic most important meal of the day.

Breakfast Muscle Foods

Eggs: They’re such a great component of a muscle-friendly diet because eggs are easy to prepare and full of protein. Scrambled, over-easy, hard-boiled — it doesn’t matter. Eggs can get your muscle program cracking.

Cantaloupe: This fruit offers fast-digesting carbs that help boost energy and enhance recovery.

Orange: Citrus fruits are great muscle helpers. Eat an orange before your morning workout and you will experience more strength and endurance.

Lunch Muscle Foods

Cottage Cheese: Another terrific protein source. Cottage cheese actually contains casein protein, which is among the most beneficial for a muscle meal plan. It is slow-digesting so your muscle can use it as fuel while they recover and grow.

Spinach: It’s one of nature’s most powerful superfoods. The wide range of health benefits that spinach offers certainly cover the field of body building. This green leafy vegetable delivers a potent helping of glutamine, an amino acid that helps muscle thrive.

Greek Yogurt: In comparison to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt boasts significantly more protein and fewer carbs. Like cottage cheese, it also contains casein protein. Plus, if you get a version with live cultures you can infuse you digestive system with helpful probiotics, which enhance your gut health.

Dinner Muscle Foods

Lean Beef: Obviously one of the most robust sources of dietary protein. Beef coming from grass-fed cattle will also deliver zinc, B vitamins and iron, which support your program in unique ways. Make this a centerpiece of your muscle meal program, though you can sub in other healthy meats like chicken and fish.

Brown Rice: As a whole grain that digests gradually, brown rice offers a long-lasting energy supply. This increases workout endurance and helps you avoid crashes or fatigue.