Nitric Oxide: A Performance Standard

A lot of athletes and bodybuilders are using workout supplements these days that boost nitric oxide production. Why? I’ll get in to this question in the course of this article, but for now I’ll just say that nitric oxide is used in muscle building supplements because affects your circulation as well as hormone and adrenaline release. The idea behind it is that it improves blood flow and shortens recovery times. By increasing blood flow, your muscles receive more nutrients, thus helping them get bigger. I’ll also say up front that the idea that nitric oxide will help you workout harder and longer is largely a myth. There is no real evidence to support this claim, but there is research in the area, and it’s not as if there is proof against it either.

Nitric Oxide For Muscle-Building

I’ll start with this use of nitric oxide seeing as it is for this reason that many people lately have become interested in it. Nitric Oxide is gas that the body naturally creates. There is an amino acid called Arginine that is found in many foods you eat like seafood and spinach. When enzymes break down arginine, the result is nitric oxide gas. One reason some think it is good for bodybuilders is because nitric oxide improves the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles. Your muscles will be better nourishes and more capable of quick recovery. Nitric oxide is also used to remove lactic acid that builds up in muscles during a workout. The point of this would be to minimize fatigue and shorten recovery times. You can improve nitric oxide levels without taking a supplement, however, Things like healthy dieting and quitting smoking will improve your energy and stamina.

Some Other Benefits Of Nitric Oxide

Nitric OxideBesides the benefits of building muscle, nitric oxide is known to help with a lot of biological processes. Nitric oxide is a gas that aids the communication of your cells. It helps transmit important signals throughout your body so it functions properly. Nitric oxide may improve things like memory if it boosts communicative interaction between cells in your brain. It can help those with high blood pressure by regulating blood pressure and widening arteries. Your senses may also improve because the communication signals involved in say, smelling or tasting, become stronger.

Heart Conditions

If something has in impact, positive or negative, you might also guess that it impacts the heart, that reliable organ in your chest that pumps blood through your body, day-in and day-out. It has been known for a long time that the production of nitric oxide is stunted with the build-up of plaque in your arteries. Supplementing your body with a nitric oxide boost, however, improves blood flow and helps with some heart patients for this very reason.

Natural Ways To Produce Nitric Oxide

If you want to increase levels of nitric oxide in your body, workout supplements are not your only option. In fact, you can increase nitric oxide by doing some simple and natural things. For example, exercising accomplishes the same results! When you run or lift, your muscles get pumped with blood, and your arteries produce nitric oxide to improve blood flow naturally. Inactivity is probably the biggest obstacle to healthy nitric oxide production, so keep moving! There are a lot of foods out there that aid in the production of nitric oxide such as meat, fruit, dairy, garlic, and foods rich in vitamin C.