Quick Effective Workouts

Exercising is no fun. That’s something most people can agree on. But the rewarding feeling that follows a productive workout can make it all worthwhile. This leads one to wonder: how can I experience this feeling — and inherent results — while spending the least time possible engaging in exhausting activities? Our focus today will be identifying quick effective workouts that produce rapid results.

The biggest trend in fitness right now is high interval intensity training (HIIT). This isn’t an especially new development; HIIT has been popular for some time, and is a big driver of the Crossfit movement. But there’s a reason its prominence continues to endure. It encapsulates the core concepts of strength building and weight loss: explosive movements that deliver sustaining metabolism benefits. Plus, they tend to consume far less time than typical cardio endurance activities. They often require significant effort and energy, but these quick effective workouts can make a physique impact fast.

Best Quick Effective Workouts

Want to put together a fitness routine that works, and doesn’t eat up a ton of your time? Try building a plan that involves alternating the following activities. With each of these quick effective workouts, you can put in a productive session in less than 30 minutes. Plus, they target different areas of the body, which is crucial to comprehensive physical wellness.

The premise behind these quick effective workouts is that they build rapid muscle, which then greatly hikes your base metabolism. So while you are only putting in the work for a short period, your body keeps burning calories long after.

Core Focus

The core muscles — abs, obliques, lower back — are excellent areas to dedicate your gym time. Working these muscles generates an excellent metabolism boost and many of the movements support other areas of the muscular composition. Plus, as you tighten up your core, your physique looks much tighter as they fat melts off. Some of our favorites include planks, squats and crunches. All of these are simple enough to complete in the comfort of your own living room.

Daily Push Ups

Commit yourself to a plan. Start at a number and then gradually work your way up. Daily push ups can go a long way toward toning your arms and consistently keeping you on track. Much like the above exercises, you’ll need nothing other than a little space.

Power Up With Plyometrics

Plyometrics are a HITT and Crossfit mainstay. Also known as jump training, these workouts involve explosive movements (i.e. jumping up onto a platform repeatedly) with an eye on increasing power and fast-twitch muscle strength. You can work up a sweat in no time with these methods.

What to Combine with These Quick Effective Workouts

In addition to staying on a regular routine with these exercises, add some extra measures to ensure optimal results. Always stay hydrated and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep nightly to keep energy levels up. Obviously you’ll want to add in smart eating habits because weight loss always starts with diet. Beware those like the low carb diet which comes up a bit short on protein and thus isn’t conducive to muscle support.