Strength Training Supplements

If you’re a sports fan, then you probably know about the concept of an athlete’s prime. This refers to the stage of a player’s career where he is at his physical peak, and the statistical production tends to reflect it. Within a certain age range, we tend to be stronger and faster. Moving past that window can be frustrating for pro stars and local gym rats alike. If you put an emphasis on building muscle and maintaining physical definition, then you’re surely aware of this dynamic. At a younger age, this process is far easier, because our bodies are better geared for rapid growth. As we age, though, strength training supplements become more necessary for keeping progress on track.

There are few things more frustrating than hitting the wall during a workout. You muster the motivation to get to the gym, and then expend all of your energy in efforts to make gains. When your body doesn’t respond the way you want, it’s a major let-down. And for the most part it happens more and more as we get older. Quality strength training supplements can help put you back in the mode of productivity that characterized your physical prime. That means more strength, better endurance, and faster recovery. How does it work?

Well, it depends on which kinds of strength training supplements you are using. They differ in unique ways and all offer their own advantages.

Types of Strength Training Supplements

Testosterone Booster: As men get older, we naturally lose our testosterone production. After 35, the general rate of decline is about 2 to 4 percent per year. The side effects of low testosterone can manifest in numerous ways, but muscle growth is a particularly problematic area. Using a natural testosterone booster can greatly increase your strength and focus while also offering additional perks like higher libido and superior sexual performance.

Nitric Oxide Supplements: Fitness science has really shined a light on the importance of nitric oxide for boosting workout performance. Triggering its release can improve blood flow and circulation. This means that your muscle tissue receives more oxygen and nutrients when needed. As a result, you tend to experience greater endurance and stamina, enabling longer and more productive sessions.

Energy Pills: These are more basic in their function than the two above. Workout energy amplifiers will usually rely on a property like caffeine — or some variant — to act as a subtle stimulant. This is an effective method for sharpening focus and energy at the gym. However, products focusing strictly on energy don’t offer the depth of support as testo boosters or nitric oxide supplements.

Common Ingredients in Strength Training Supplements

There are plenty of artificial and synthetic ingredients out there, but we like to avoid them. It isn’t hard to find natural strength training supplements that rely on herbal extracts and essential amino acids to amplify workouts. Among the ingredients we really like are tribulus terristris (testosterone), L-arginine (nitric oxide) and green tea extract (energy).

Whichever route you choose, check labels for a pure blend and research brands to ensure the manufacturer is one worth trusting.