What Is L-Arginine?

If you’re in the market for a muscle supplement, chances are you’re going to come across this ingredient at some point. And, that’s because this naturally occurring amino acid can really help boost muscle growth. But, we’ll discuss that more later. For now, we’re going to break down this amino acid for you. First, an amino acid is a chemical building block in the body. In other words, they’re usually obtained from the diet. And, L-Arginine is most important for building proteins in your body. Without it, you can’t build or maintain lean muscle mass as well.

What Is L-ArginineHow Does L-Arginine Work?

When you consume something with L-Arginine in it, your body converts it into Nitric Oxide. This is a chemical that helps open blood vessels and keep your circulation going. So, it’s necessary to live. In fact, some experts think that increasing L-Arginine in the body can help improve poor circulation and high blood pressure. Then, this amino acid also helps with your hormones. Because, it regulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other things in your body. So, it’s essential for a healthy lifestyle, but most of us consume enough from food.

Where Can You Find L-Arginine?

To consume enough L-Arginine, you need to include red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy in your diet. You probably know that all these foods have a high level of protein in them. So, they’re already good to eat when you’re trying to build up lean muscle mass. But, they’re also a natural source of this circulation boosting amino acid. In addition to that, L-Arginine is now made in laboratories for medical purposes. Because, L-Arginine is linked to helping fix erectile dysfunction, improve muscle building, and decrease high blood pressure. So, supplementing with it can be incredibly helpful for those things.

What Is L-Arginine Used For?

Now, keep in mind more studies need to be done to conclude if L-Arginine can actually help with these things. But, it is possibly effective for:

Chest Pain – In some studies, L-Arginine has helped decrease chest pain and improve the quality of life for people. L-Arginine does cure constant chest pain, or angina. But, it does help with the symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction – As mentioned, L-Arginine can help with this issue by increasing blood flow to the penis. So, it helps improve sexual function by circulating more blood throughout your body.

Faster Recovery Post Surgery – In some studies L-Arginine has reduced recovery time post-op for patients. It can also help reduce infections and make wounds heal faster.

Leg Pain – If you have pain in your body due to poor circulation, L-Arginine has been shown to help with this problem. Taking it for 8 weeks can increase circulation and make pain go away.

Can L-Arginine Help Build Muscle?

When you’re trying to get bigger muscles, L-Arginine can be incredibly helpful in that aspect. Because, our muscles only grow when they have enough nourishment. And, all our nourishment comes from the blood. So, when you increase circulation, your muscles get more blood flowing to them. And, that means they have more resources to grow with. In addition to that, the more blood flowing to your muscles, the more oxygen they get. And, that helps your muscles work harder during lifts and extend more. So, we definitely recommend natural muscle supplements with L-Arginine in them. Because, it can amp up your results so you get the ripped body you’ve always wanted.  On the hunt for more common ingredients in muscle supplements?  Check out our article by clicking the link.