Anti-Aging Techniques in Skincare

We all know someone who has a baby face, or looked 30 when they were still in high school.  Aging happens differently for everyone, and some people just have younger- or older-looking features naturally.  But, defying time has become a major health goal for women and men across the country.  Whether you work hard to keep your slim figure or you stay out the sun at all costs, there are many ways to maintain youthfulness.  The following are some popular anti-aging techniques for skincare, divided into preventative measures and maintenance as you get older.

Preventative Skincare Techniques

Anti-Aging Techniques in SkincareThere is no shortage of ways to keep your baby face – and youthful body – hanging around as long as possible.  And, many of the techniques are not only easy to apply to everyday life, but they are entirely natural.  For example, exercise and diet alone can do wonders for your body, and your complexion, too.  In fact, doing 30-45 minutes of endurance exercise two times per week can make your skin look up to twenty years younger on the microscopic level.  Additionally, cutting out sugary sodas can prevent you from accelerated aging.  Consuming 20 ounces of soda per day can age you the same amount that smoking can.  And, speaking of smoking, be sure to drop the cigarette habit.  Not only do cigarettes destroy collagen and elastin, but they can cause signature puckering around the lips and eyes.

While much of skincare relates to keeping your body healthy overall, there are plenty of preventative anti-aging measures that are specifically directed toward the skin.  For example, applying sunscreen every day can help you avoid UVA and UVB radiation that can cause irregular skin cell production.  Too much irregular cell production can lead to cancers, including the deadly melanoma.  You may also opt for an anti-aging skin cream, which will probably contain peptides.  These molecular compounds can help your skin produce more collagen, keeping you looking fresh-faced much longer.

Skincare Maintenance Techniques

Even if you’ve done everything to keep your skin looking as young as possible, aging does come eventually.  The good news is that there are ways to help your skin look younger, even after visible aging has started.  For example, a new breakthrough suggests that a procedure called Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing could be a safer, more effective method to remove wrinkles than traditional laser removal.  This is done by a professional, but this new method should cut your recovery time.  Additionally, face-plumping injections have become even more popular in the last few years.  These help to fill in wrinkled spaces, making you look younger without painful surgery.  Some of the newer injection formulas may actually boost collagen production.  And, because they can last up to a year and only come in at the manageable $600 range, this may be one of the more affordable options.

There are surgery options if you have the budget for a more invasive procedure.  Facelifts, for example, involve physically pulling the skin tight to stretch out wrinkled skin.  The biggest concern most people have about these is the possibility of complications, which comes with any surgical procedure.  And, there is some feeling of just trying to outrun the inevitable with these kinds of surgeries.  It may be kinder to yourself, and to your wallet, to take care of your skin but accept its natural aging process.