Bad Skincare Habits: Are You Hurting Your Skin?

The skin can display a lot to the world about your habits. Doing anything in access can be bad. The saying is true, you can have too much of a good thing. However, that doesn’t just mean alcohol, caffeine, sugar or salt. There are a lot of bad skincare practices that people are doing without realizing it. In fact, most women are either doing too much or not enough of something with their skincare regimen. This article is focusing on those habits that are considered bad to help ladies become better informed.

Bad Skincare Habits

Elephants don’t practice good skincare habits

Not Enough Sun Protection

If you talk to any esthetician or beauty school instructor, getting too much sun will on their most wanted list. Nothing does more damage to facial tissue than prolonged UV radiation. Having a golden tan may be sexy, but is it worth the age spots and wrinkles? So, before you head outside to enjoy the weather, considering putting on some sun screen. Your skin will thank you in the long run. Broad spectrum SPF 30 is good enough to apply to the face and neck area.

Excessive Skin Cleansing

Our natural oils help moisturize our skin, so if yours is dry, consider cleansing a little less. That doesn’t mean you should leave your makeup on overnight. Try using a cream or oil-based cleanser before you go to bed. These are gentler so this will benefit dry skin. In the morning, just rinse your face with water. Since you washed your face the night before, rinsing with water will be enough and help you retain your natural moisture.

Poor Sleep & Dirty Pillows

We all need our beauty sleep. That isn’t just an old-fashioned saying. It is scientifically proven. Anything less than 7 hours is going to show. This can leave your skin looking dull and amplify the appearance of fine lines. Having issues falling asleep at night? Try to avoid bright screens right before bed. Digital light can suppress your body’s production of melatonin. This hormone is responsible for helping your fall asleep and regulating your circadian rhythm.

Getting plenty of sleep is a good first step, but there is more to sleep than getting enough rest. Our pillow case is a nest of bacteria, dead skin, oil and that extra bit of leftover night cream. These will be transferred to your face as you toss and turn. Change out your pillowcases at least once a week.

Breakout Freak-out

Uh, oh! You just noticed a few pimples appearing on your skin. Time to hit the panic button and blast that breakout! Right? Wrong! One of the worst skincare habits women practice is over-washing, over-treating and over-touching skin during breakouts. It can be tempting to pop that pimple, even when it is ready to burst, but you risk contaminating other pores. Instead, use a moisturizer with salicylic acid at night. Follow up with a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment. Avoid high concentrations. Drying out pimples too much will not allow the medicine to penetrate and do its job. Irritated zits will only last longer.

Exfoliate Till It Hurts

If exfoliating stings, causes your skin to flake or leaves it looking red and blotchy, stop. Go ahead and throw that product away because it will only lead to skin irritation and inflammation. That will only cause clogged pores. Also, you only need to use a gentle exfoliate once to twice a week. Mild peels containing lactic acid one require once a week applications.

Letting Grime And Makeup Linger

After you get done with spin class you may be tired. A long hard day can leave you ready to collapse into bed. But, forgetting those face wipes is a big no, no. Leaving bacteria, dirt and make-up on your skin too long will lead to dully skin and breakouts. So, suck it up buttercup and remember your face-cleansing wipes if you want to maximize your skincare.

Smoke Break

You didn’t think we would let you go without the classic exclamation to “stop smoking!” Honestly, it is almost pointless to cleanse your skin or to apply moisturizers and sunscreen if you smoke. It is about as bad as too much sun exposure. The chemicals in smoking can lead to the breakdown of elastic fibers and collagen. This leads to wrinkles as well as dull and yellowing skin.