Best Hair Growth Supplements

The idea of using pills or drugs to combat thinning hair presents a paradox. Of course, men want to delay the onset of baldness and hair loss. But when so many of these solutions carry extremely problematic side effects, you have to wonder whether the juice is worth the squeeze. In particular, many pharmaceutical hair loss pills can affect testosterone and other important chemical compositions in the body. One impact that ties to this change is a drop in libido and sexual performance. Is that a risk that many guys want to take? Because the answer is now, a search for the best hair growth supplements commences.

In comparison with such drugs, natural supplements offer a far safer and less volatile method for stimulating hair growth. That’s because they lean on herbal extracts and properties found in nature. But they also don’t carry quite the same reliability on a case-to-case basis. With that in mind, our goal today is to identify the best hair growth supplements you can find. And we won’t limit our scope to the scalp; in addition to men fighting off the effects of balding, women also deal with declining volume and length on the lashes and eyebrows. So we will shine a spotlight on the best hair growth supplements for women as well.

How Hair Growth Supplements Work

This can vary quite a bit depending on the formula. Sometimes, herbal hair growth support supplements simply include an assortment of vitamins that offer specific benefits in the hair loss equation. These can include Vitamin C or minerals such as zinc and iron. But in other cases, many of the best hair growth supplements feature blends with more directly impactful components.

For instance, biotin is a heavy hitter in this category. That’s because of its chemical importance in the construction of hair itself. The strands consist of the protein keratin. The amino acids that form this protein come into existence as a reaction to cell enzymes and biotin. This nutrient is essential in the production and growth of both hair and nails. Folic acid is another vital component in the scope of natural hair growth. This helps condition the hair, ensuring a full body and radiant shine

Finding the Best Hair Growth Supplements

Step one is targeting the ingredients above. Nearly all of the best hair growth supplements will feature biotin or folic acid, or both, as central components. You will also want to find some of those complementary vitamins and minerals in the blend. Search for all natural products that don’t contain a bunch of fillers and binders. The rate of efficacy is lower, and they will also take much longer to work.

Female Hair Growth Supplements

For those women with thinning hair atop their head (not too uncommon in the aging process) the aforementioned products will work fine. But on the feminine side there tends to be a greater need for facial hair support. In this regard, there are many solutions that you can apply directly to the follicles with an applicator. This delivers nutrients directly to the root, triggering rapid even growth. There are some excellent eyelash serums featuring ingredients like nettle extract, vitamin E and honey. There are also similar products addressing the eyebrows.