Common Wrinkle Types

One doesn’t think twice about wrinkles until these prevalent signs of aging become a personal problem. Treating and preventing wrinkles can be a difficult task, but one that many people are willing to undertake. There are many different kinds of wrinkles, however, and your treatment options should be determined based on the type of wrinkle. In this article I will discuss common wrinkle types, why they appear, and how to treat them.

Technical Wrinkle Names

For some reason we tend to give wrinkle-types nicknames. Whether it’s crow’s feet, frown lines, marionette lines, or something else, the name is based on the appearance of the wrinkle. But first let me go through the three common wrinkles and their technical names so we understand them better. The first is atrophic crinkling rhytids. (Okay, so that is probably why we have nicknames for them.) These are fine lines that appear on different spots of your skin that are due to a lack of elasticity. Common Wrinkle TypesThe best remedy for these wrinkles is sunscreen and moisturizer. This will not only protect your skin but reduce the appearance of such lines. The next type of wrinkle is called permanent elastic creases. These will appear mostly on the cheeks, around the lips, and base of neck. Reducing your exposure and eliminating tobacco use will help. The last kind of wrinkle is the dynamic expression lines. These are inevitable lines and wrinkles because they come with repetitive expressive muscle movements. Unless you want to become an expressionless robot, these are hard to avoid.

Crow’s Feet

Probably the most frequently talked about wrinkle is the crow’s feet. These appear at the outside corner of your eye, radiating outward, thus the name “crow’s feet.” These can appear relatively early in life because the skin there is quite delicate and susceptible to wrinkling. Again, the best way to avoid crow’s feet is prevent them from forming in the first place. This means limiting sun exposure and moisturizing regularly.

Frown Lines

It’s hard not to frown at the world, but nevertheless, lines form from frowning and they get worse the older we get. These are vertical lines that appear on the forehead and between your eyebrows. Frowning isn’t the only cause of this however. This part of your skin is also very susceptible to sun damage.

Marionette Lines

These lines are called marionette lines because they appear laterally on the chin. These lines are some of the worst because they really alter your faces appearance, especially later in life. They can make you look angry, sullen, or upset, even when you aren’t! These appear much later in life, but the severity of their appearance depends largely on your genetics and facial structure. Unless you are okay with highly invasive surgeries or procedures, these are almost impossible to get rid of.

Forehead Wrinkles

The nomenclature here is a bit confusing. Forehead wrinkles are often caused more by frowning and other facial expressions than frown lines themselves. Sometimes these are referred to as worry lines because repetitive expression in the forehead may form impressions. This is one kind of wrinkle that can appear in younger people for that exact reason. In order to reduce or prevent wrinkles it is important to try and reduce stress, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and protect your skin from sun damage as much as possible!