Is Microblading Safe?

Have you heard about the fastest growing trend in beautification? Whereas approaches such as eyebrow serums and extensions have led the way in the past, a new method is emerging for restoring volume and length to the brows. The microblading technique is quickly gaining traction. This semi-permanent tattoo delivers much more of a long-lasting and sustaining impact than most other measures. If you don’t want to have to deal with constantly putting on attachments or applying a solution to the roots, then this is certainly an appealing option. But of course, one question is going to ring out. Is microblading safe? What kind of risks am I taking if I decide to take this path?

When you hear the term “tattoo” it’s likely that you’ll have an internal reaction. Whether or not you fear needles, you probably understand the discomfort that such procedures can involve. As we all know, tattooing involves injecting inks below the skin’s surface so that they won’t wash away. Microblading works in the same basic way. By using a micro blade to imprint brows, one by one, you can create a far more realistic aesthetic than most other techniques. And this enables you to rub your eyes without fear of smearing or rubbing off the design. You can also swim, splash water on your face and sweat without any concerns. These clear benefits are contributing to its proliferation. But again, is microblading safe? First, let’s examine how the procedure actually works.

How Does Microblading Work?

What can you actually expect if you go in for a microblading session? Unlike a standard tattoo, this approach involves the use of a handheld tool rather than a machine. As a result, it’s a very careful and meticulous process. The professional will draw on each brow, one at a time. So you’re going to need to make a fairly substantial time commitment in order to get this done. It’s also a rather hefty financial commitment, with a procedure ringing up at about $400-800. For some, that is a manageable cost. For others, it is not.

The results are undeniable. In comparison with pencils or markers, these strokes are far more realistic. They replicate real hairs with lifelike precision. And the ability to go about your business without worrying over whether they’ll come off is certainly welcome. Is microblading safe, though? Can you head into such a procedure with peace of mind?

Is Microblading Safe?

This is all relative. Of course, no activity that involves poking at your face with a needle is going to be completely risk-free. And indeed, there are some complications inherent to this approach. Among the most common microblading side effects are pain, swelling and inflammation.

The more preeminent concern is infection. Any time you are breaking the skin, this possibility emerges. Signs of infection can include discoloration, itchiness and the presentation of pus. Skin infections and blood-borne infections are examples of outcomes that have been seen. However, if you are working with a good esthetician who takes the proper care in order to ensure their tools are sanitary, this is a minimal risk.

Pain and discomfort are the main downsides to this procedure. But most people don’t report too severe of issues in this department, comparing it to a light scratching sensation. In order to reduce pain, a numbing cream and liquid anesthetic are applied to the area before the procedure. Because there is occasional bleeding, it is advisable that you stay away from blood thinners like alcohol and aspirin before your appointment.