How to Make Eyelashes Longer

The ravaging process of aging can affect our physical appearance in many ways. We’re all familiar with the common culprits. Over time, our skin deteriorates and wrinkles form. Meanwhile, our metabolism declines and it gets harder to keep off extra weight. But there are also more subtle changes to our opinion that can be equally frustrating. Hair growth is one such area. For males, baldness is the usual issue. Women don’t deal with that problem as frequently, but can experience decreases in volume in the brows and especially the lashes. This leads one to wonder: how can I make eyelashes longer?

There are basically two different paths to achieving this outcome. One is by adding physical extensions or attachments that create the appearance of more lush and lengthy lashes. The other, and more modern, method to make eyelashes longer is utilizing products that can actually help spur growth from the roots. We’ll discuss both in detail below.

Make Eyelashes Longer with Lash Extensions

It’s a prominent solution. There are some DIY methods but getting extensions to make eyelashes longer usually involves making a trip into a stylist. It can then cost upwards of $200 and even up to $600 to get the procedure done.

Applying eyelash extensions is a lengthy and meticulous process. The lashes are attached one at a time using a special semi-permanent glue that keeps them in place. Eyelash extensions generally come in three different types: synthetic, silk, and mink. The pricing can differentiate between all three with the latter usually costing the most.

Some people do just fine with this technique. Add-on eyelash extensions can look very realistic, although they won’t jibe with everyone. But the cost, time commitment and maintenance that this approach requires is off-putting for many. There has to be a better way in this day and age, right? Well, there is. Eyelash serums are quickly stealing the spotlight.

Make Eyelashes Longer with Eyelash Serums

Instead of adding on a fake extension, why not boost the natural growth of your lashes from within? Eyelash serums make this possible with herbal formulas that stimulate follicles and enrich lashes at the roots. The result? Faster and more even growth leading to visibly superior volume.

Unlike accessory attachments, which often require a trip to the stylist, you can make eyelashes longer with a serum in the comfort of your own home. These solutions come with applicator brushes that you can use to manually apply the product. You will want to take special care to ensure absorption into the follicles, which benefit greatly from the nutrients and ingredients.

Components of a quality eyelash formula will include extract and natural properties such as nettle, vitamin E, ginseng and biotin. Look out for those on labels and find a brand with good cumulative online reviews. As with any supplement or beauty product, there are plenty of pretenders mixed in with the truly reputable and reliable brands.

But lash serums are certainly a worthy option for anyone looking to make eyelashes longer. It’s safe, affordable and convenient. Grab a bottle before the next time you consider going in for extensions.