Microblading Side Effects

Among all of the new-age beauty trends, few are hotter right now than microblading your eyebrows. In comparison with other methods of adding visible volume and length to the brows, it’s easy to see the appeal of this technique. Microblading requires no clumsy extensions or adhesives. It’s also extremely low maintenance. There is no need to apply a daily solution or constantly swap out attachments. And using this approach enables you to go about your day freely without concerning yourself over washing out or displacing anything. But no good thing comes without downsides. Today we’ll examine some of the potential microblading side effects and how they stack up against the benefits. When taking everything into consideration, does this approach really prove worthwhile?

First, a little background on what microblading is and why it’s popular. This method is basically a form of semi-permanent tattoo, which involves injecting ink into the skin for a lasting impression. Unlike tattoos, the aesthetician doesn’t use a machine to draw on the brows, but rather a specialized pen. The process is meticulous and lengthy, because it entails drawing each individual eyebrow hair with individual strokes. This contributes to the lifelike realism of the result, but also means you’ll be spending some time in the chair. And of course, any time you’re breaking the skin in any way or introducing a foreign substance to your body, there are some possible risks. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the microblading side effects in an effort to determine whether this is the right solution for your thinning eyebrows.

Microblading Side Effects

The first concern with regards to microblading side effects is probably “How much is this going to hurt?” If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, or even if you’re simply familiar with what it involves, then you probably know there is some pain. In relative terms, microblading isn’t quite is invasive and generally the discomfort is not nearly as significant. Many people compare the feeling to a scratching more than a piercing. Additionally, preparation for the procedure almost always includes the application of a topical numbing cream as well as a liquid anesthetic. This helps further reduce any pain that one would be likely to encounter.

In the aftermath, there can be feelings of itching. This leads to one of the foremost microblading side effects, which is avoidable. Do whatever it takes to avoid peeling or scratching at the area because this will cause rawness and inflammation. You can apply a post-care cream with a cotton swab to help the skin heal and reduce uncomfortable sensations. Also: make sure you avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible, and load on SPF any time you go outside. The sun can cause fading and the area will also be more sensitive than usual to UV rays.

In rare cases, there can be other negative outcomes stemming from this procedure. This include infections or toxicity from introducing the ink to the body. In order to avoid these, make sure you go with a trustworthy aesthetician with a history of microblading. Also ensure that you’re using an ink made from plant-based properties instead of synthetic chemicals.

Microblading Price

This isn’t a side effect, but it’s probably the greatest deterrent stopping people from taking this route. Microblading can be expensive, costing around $400 on the low end and sometimes reaching as high as $800. Plus, because the effect is only semi-permanent, you’ll probably want to get it done about once a year in order to sustain the look. For some, this cost is prohibitive. But this, more so than microblading side effects, stands out as a reason to embrace the eyebrow growth innovation.