Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Methods

In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure to retain a youthful complexion.  More and more, people of all ages, especially women and girls, are feeling like they need to get plastic surgery to look adequate.  And, facelifts and other anti-aging procedures tend to top the list of most popular procedures.  Most of the time, the natural aging process is relatively harmless and people only want anti-aging surgery for aesthetic reasons. 

Non-Surgical Anti-AgingNon-Surgical Anti-Aging Methods

But, there are less invasive, less expensive methods to achieving a younger appearance.  The follow are some non-surgical anti-aging methods that you should consider before getting plastic surgery consultation.

Chemical Peels

This is a fairly inexpensive process (about $300-$500) which involves spreading chemicals on the face to destroy the old top layer of skin and uncover a newer, younger layer.  It can help to resolve discoloration and remove some fine lines.  It can take up to a week to fully recover, but you will only feel sensitive skin during that time, rather than being laid up in bed with bandages on your face.  This procedure is usually paired with microdermabrasion, listed below.

Injections (Botox)

This is one of the more common treatments for wrinkles and lines caused by muscle contractions in the face.  Botox and other similar chemicals will temporarily relax the muscles in the face, which can reduce the appearance of lines.  The results usually last up to four months, which may make it one of the more cost effective procedures.  There is also no recovery time and only the pain of a needle prick.  The price is usually $150-$500, depending on the office you visit.


The friendlier cousin to dermabrasion, microdermabrasion is a mild method to professionally exfoliate the skin.  Since it is not a deep procedure, it is mostly just effective for surface problems such as dullness in the skin and age spots.  The full recovery time is only 24 hours (and during that time, the skin is just a little pink or perhaps sensitive) and it doesn’t require anesthesia.  The cost is usually $100-$450 per session, but your results may only last about two or three weeks.

Non-ablative Laser

The idea with the non-ablative laser treatment is to improve the skin, including the appearance of lines and wrinkles, by heating the skin without causing damage to it.  The heat can stimulate collagen production, which promotes healthier and firmer skin.  In most cases, you’ll need to do more than one session to see full benefits.  This procedure can cost from $1,000 to $3,000.

Creams and Serums

If you don’t necessarily want to invest a day’s pay or more into a temporary procedure, or the idea of needles or strong exfoliation freak you out a little, then there are always topical anti-aging treatments that you can do yourself.  Creams and serums have taken off in recent years and, with new science coming out all the time, they are better than ever.  Anti-aging creams can cost anywhere from $30 to somewhere in the $100 range, but your results may vary within those price points.  Creams and serums are widely sold in stores and online, and allow you to take your skin routine into your own hands.