What is Microblading?

In the ongoing quest to combat diminishing eyebrow length and volume, a new method is rising to the forefront. It can sound a little scary, and involves some rather time-consuming and meticulous efforts. It can also entail some discomfort. But many people are reporting tremendous results with this semi-permanent method of achieving lusher and more beautiful brows. What is microblading, and what do you need to know about this eyebrow enhancement technique?

Whereas the most common hair loss issues tying to aging for men relate to the scalp, women face different challenges. Getting older often leads to a reduction in the consistency and efficacy of eyebrow growth. This can become a major frustration, and it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to address. Whereas hair growth products for men are ubiquitous, it can be tough to find a quality brow or lash solution. Using pens to draw out a fuller look proves suitable for some. Extensions and other attachments are also popular. Eyelash growth serums are an effective option in many cases. But what is microblading, and how does it compare to these approaches?

What is Microblading?

In some ways, microblading is akin to giving yourself a tattoo. The method goes beyond simply drawing coloration on to the skin, because it uses tiny needles that apply pigments in a deeper manner. It can also stimulate additional hair growth, for a more natural and authentic impact. The application involves using a microblading pen to carefully draw eyebrows in one by one. Like we said, it is a meticulous process. Rushing through it is not advisable. In order to do it properly, a microblanding session can take multiple hours. For the impatient, or individuals with short attention spans, it can feel rather cumbersome. However, for those who are willing to take the time, it can be extremely effective.

The deep and careful approach to applying the technique makes it far more realistic than many artificial solutions. And it doesn’t require the lifestyle alterations or precautions that some other methods entail. After a short healing period, you can free rub your eyebrows, swim in the pool, and engage in other activities with no concerns abouts smudging. There are no special daily or weekly requirements necessary for upkeep. Occasional touch-ups are recommended, but for the most part, microblading calls for minimal maintenance. This is a convenience that makes it appealing to many busy individuals.

Does Microblading Hurt?

With the allusions to tattooing and the inclusion of the word blade, it’s reasonable to wonder about potential pains coinciding with this process. What is microblading going to feel like? Will there be discomfort during or after the application?

Undeniably, this eyebrow volume technique can cause discomfort for some individuals. But there are ways to minimize that. Typically, the preparation involves applying a topical cream with numbing effects. Follow up with a liquid anesthetic and any unpleasant effects can become very minor and often unnoticeable.

What is Microblading Going to Cost?

It can be expensive. This is a big deterrent for many. The average microblading price can check in around $400, and can go as high as $700-800. That’s obviously a hefty commitment. But in light of the semi-permanent nature, and starkly beautiful results, it is worth it in the eyes of many.