What Is Your Skin Type?

What Is Your Skin Type?

Knowing your skin type is the most essential step to understanding what skincare products work for you! From oily to dry, combination to sensitive, not everyone should be using the same products. There are loads of creams, serums and oils on the market that may sound appealing to you, but if your skin type does not fit well with the product, you may be doing more damage than good! Luckily, we’re here to help! This short article will help you determine what skin type you have and what products will work best for you.

Four Main Skin Types:

  1. Oily-Very Oily
  2. Dry – Very Dry
  3. Combination
  4. Sensitive

Identifying Your Skin Type

To really understand your skin type, you will need to make sure to follow these simple steps before identifying. Start by taking a shower or using a warm wash cloth to remove any traces of make up or skin care products from your face and neck. Do not use a cleanser to do this. Simply use warm water, this is essential. Next, wait about 10 – 15 minutes for your skin to fully dry. Once this process is done, you will be able to properly identify your skin type. Look in the mirror and read below to see which skin type your skin best reflects.

  • Oily – If your skin quickly starts to get oily all over your face without any products on it, you have oily skin.
  • Dry – Does your skin start to start to feel tight, dry or flaky? Is yes, you have a dry skin type.
  • Combination – If your T-zone (the area around your nose, chin and central forehead) starts to build up with oil but your cheeks and jaw are drier, you have combination skin.
  • Sensitive Skin – Because skin is naturally delicate, everyone is considered to have sensitive skin. However, some of us are more prone to sensitivity than others. If you often find yourself experiencing break outs, irritation or itching after using a variety of products, you have sensitive skin.

The Best Products for Your Skin Type

Now that you know what your skin type is, let’s take a look at what products work best with your skin! Keep in mind that no matter your skin type, everyone should be using some form of SPF (sunscreen). This is essential for protecting your skin from free radical & sun damage.

Oily – Those of you with oily skin should be investing in products that contain a light weight composition. This includes light fluids, liquids, gels or oil-free creams. Avoid products that are thick and clog pores. This will over work your oil glands and cause your skin to become oilier.

Dry – If you identify with having dry skin, use moisture rich lotions, creams or velvet-like serums. Your skin type lacks moisture meaning that you will have to give your skin an extra moisture boost every day. Rich creams work best.

Combination – Although this skin type is most common, it can be a bit tricky to care for. You may need to use a mixture of products to treat specific areas. For the T-zone, use a light weight cream or serum that is oil free. For the cheeks and jaw, use a moisture rich product to lock in hydration.

Sensitive – having sensitive skin can be frustrating. Those with sensitive skin may have to simply find what they are not sensitive to. Try patch testing first to avoid irritation. The best products for you will not contain artificial scents, coloring or alcohols. Natural ingredients are your best bet.