Military Flashlights

Chances are you’ve seen a promo or two for these new tactical military flashlights that are taking the market by storm. The story goes: utilizing advanced technology only recently made available to the public, these accessories pack some serious power at a serious value. But is it true? Are these high-tech tactical flashlights the real deal? Or are they instead just gimmicks?

Let’s take a look some of the features of military flashlights to determine whether they’re really a breakthrough.

Military Flashlight Features

Different models will carry different specifics. But by and large, here’s what you can expect from these tactical military flashlights: a hard and virtually indestructible casing, a compact size, an extremely powerful LED bulb, and a variety of modes and settings.

The bulb is the centerpiece of this offering. Quite frankly, these LED flashlights put the traditional models to shame. If you flip this thing on in the darkness of night, it will illuminate a large area as brightly as daylight. The range is very impressive. I’m not buying the proclamations that you can see the beams from outer space, but it is certainly an impressive projection.

Even more impressive is the small size of the unit that produces this blindingly bright beam. Most military flashlights are very compact, allowing for maximum portability. You can literally fit one of these things in a small pocket, which is nice. And you don’t really have to worry about durability. Higher quality tactical flashlight models consist of aircraft aluminum that will basically never break.

Lighting modes can vary but most versions will include a strobe feature and SOS setting, ideal for emergency situations. Given the range of visibility this can be very handy.

How to Use Military Flashlights

They are great to have on hand in the house. In case of a power outage or similar event, you will be glad to have one of these military flashlights on hand. They are also gaining attention for their utility as a self-defense tools. The light beams are often so bright that if pointed directly at the face of an intruder or assailant, they can have a temporary blinding and disorienting effect.

They are also very handy for any of the outdoors events where you’d typically need a flashlight. These military grade models are ideal for camping and hiking. They are usually water resistant so the durability offering makes them an exceptional accessory for exploring nature.

Finding Values on Military Flashlights

This is a tricky subject. We sometimes see these products selling for upwards of $150. That is a ridiculous listing. Usually this exists as a base price so that companies can claim they’re offering offeing a 75 percent discount when they retail at $50. Even that is on the high side. It shouldn’t be too hard to find good military flashlights for around thirty to forty bucks.

As long as you are buying from a reputable dealer and ensuring that all the requisite features and capabilities are there, you should be able to easily find a military tactical flashlight that measures up.