Tact Bivvy

Much More Than a Sleeping Bag

We come across a lot of tactical and military gear. These product lines are trending both online and in retail stores. It isn’t too difficult to see why. Ever since the technology that drives these gadgets and tools became available to the public, people have been clamoring for them. Tactical gear provides the level of quality, durability and reliability consumers desire when it comes to accessories for survival and protection. From military flashlights to tactical slingshots, the applications are endless. However, I must admit that the tact bivvy is an offering that made me raise an eyebrow.

A bivvy, short for bivouac sack, is a small portable shelter for the outdoors. It’s not quite a tent but more than a sleeping bag. And in the case of a tact bivvy, the utility and versatility goes a step forward. If you’re a camper, hiker or climber, then you should really look into acquiring one of these babies.

What is a Tact Bivvy?

Following in the popular tactical gear trend line, a tact bivvy is simply a much more heavy duty version of the traditional concept. There are a few things that set them apart from a standard bivouac sack. Here are a few of the defining characteristics:

It’s ultra lightweight and portable.

These are certainly things you expect in any traveling bivvy but the tactical version takes these qualities to another level. Many of them weigh in at less than five ounces, and can be stuffed into a tiny carrying case that fits in your pocket.

Delightfully durable.

Again, it is customary for a camping bivvy to be strong and waterproof. But tact bivvies are stunningly thin yet durable. They’re often impervious to not only water but wind and other elements as well. Look for a model featuring taped and sealed seams for maximum weather resistance and cold-weather protection.

Good visibility.

The tact bivvy is designed for standard use during camping and outdoor exploration. But it’s also something you’ll want to have on hand in an emergency. Many offerings come in bright orange colors that will be easy to see for rescuers or searchers.

High-tech design.

Utilizing cutting-edge military grade specifications, these products offer slick functionality you might not expect. For example, one standard feature is the ability to capture your body heat at a superior rate. This enables you to use the bivvy in extremely cold conditions and stay warm.

How Much Does a Tact Bivvy Cost?

The price ranges for these tactical items range greatly. We see them retail for more than $100 in some places but there is really no reason you should need to pay that much.

In order to find the best value, seek out an option that offers all of the qualities and features mentioned above. Then, check consumer ratings for the manufacturer to ensure they are reputable. You should be able to find a good tactical bivvy for somewhere between $20 and $60.

If you’re into survival gear or you’re an avid outdoorsman, you definitely ought to try one of these out. I don’t think you’ll go back to your old bivvy or sleeping bag again.