Pros and Cons to Online Jobs

Pros and Cons to Online Jobs

Many have entertained the idea of working online from home. It does offer many enticing fantasies. However, are there any disadvantages? Before you decide to quit your current job and hit the internet superhighway, considered the pros and cons to online jobs.

Pros and Cons to Online JobsCons to Working Online

It might seem like there are not any negative aspects to working from home, but there are a few. A good number, in fact. Let’s look at them.

It Gets Lonesome

Working at any company, large or small, provides several daily social encounters. It may not always be much, but it is a far cry more than working from home. It may not be as refreshing to spend all your time home, even if you aren’t alone having family there. So, if you are a social person in need of daily face-to-face interactions, this is a negative aspect of an online job.

Distractions & Interruptions

If you are single and living alone, you may have less to worry about in this category. However, if you are living with roommates, parents or with the wife and kids, then brace yourself for interruptions. Due to the unconventional setting of your home office, others may have troubles perceiving you as being “at work.” Many of us have seen the instant-classic scene of the live home broadcast by the news reporter interrupted by two small children and the wife intending to reclaim control of the situation.

Discipline Is Essential

When the cat is away, the mice will play. It can be easy to get off task without a boss or manager around. It can take considerably more effect to be productive at home and left to your own devices. Not to mention, there are a wide array of temptations at home that are not often in the workplace. Video games can beckon you. Quick errands are more accessible. People may be enjoying free time within ear shot or eye site. Are you a very disciplined person? Reflect upon this to decide if you can handle all that freedom.

No Home To Work Transition

This may seem like a pro, rather than a con, but it possesses a negative side effect. That time spent getting ready in the morning, making a quick breakfast and driving to work can be quite healthy. It tells your mind and body that you are going to work and soon need to be productive. It is like a meditative ritual, like the way some read before bed. The lack of this convention may make it difficult to jump into working.

Pros to Working Online

Now that we got the cons out of the way, let’s move on to the pros. Do not feel too cynical after reading about the negatives. There are still plenty of great things about working from home online.

Flexible Schedule

Typically, there is this rush to get out of bud and beat the traffic on work days. You have to set an alarm and if you delay at all you risk being late. While working from home this type of stress is subdued. Of course, you must get up at some point and be productive. However, the necessity is nowhere near as pronounced. So, you slept in a half an hour to an hour later? You will be that much more refreshed for the day. This flexibility also means more family time! So, it is a win-win in that regard.

No Overbearing Boss

Nobody likes to be told what to do. Having a boss means that you must endure this frequently. But, this is no longer an issue when you have no boss breathing down your neck. Essentially, you become your own boss. That is a great feeling when you get to make the decisions for a change without anyone second guessing your every move.

Time To be Healthy

Getting any task outside of your full-time, 40-hour work week can be tough. That goes double for staying in shape. After a long, hard day on the job, working out can be far from your mind. It can be much easier to be fit and healthy when you have a flexible schedule and the convenience of your home being your office. Take a jog in the morning, or hit the gym later in the day. The choice is up to you and there are many more options.

Work Anywhere

The beauty of telecommuting is that you can literally work anywhere that you can get on line. Be it a coffee shop, on the road or at the beach. From one location of work to anywhere. It is one of the most liberating parts of online jobs.

The Conclusion

In the end, you have to make that decision to transition from working online or not. There are a lot of places to work from now, but traditional jobs vastly outweigh online position. That said, the trend is shifting noticeable. In a decade, there might be as many as 25-30% of the graduating college students heading home to work.