Aligner-B-Out (Badass Blue 4 Pack) – Clear Aligner Removal Tool

Helps make aligners that are in a mouth become aligners that are not in that mouth
Removes aligners
Aligners in Mouth + Aligner-B-Out = Aligners not in Mouth Price: $8.99 (as of 31/07/2021 17:52 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

how it workshow it works
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Get Aligners out with Aligners-B-Out

Do you wear clear aligners? Do you ever remove your aligners? Do you hate using your fingernails to remove your aligners? If you answered yes to at least two out of three of these questions than Aligner-B-Out is for you! It helps you remove aligners. No extra bells and whistles. If you have aligners in and you want them out, it can do that. Literally all it can do is remove your aligners.

Hurry and act now or whenever! For an unlimited time we will send you the exact amount you purchase. If you order in the next 20 minutes we will send you four Aligner-B-Outs. If you order in more than 20 minutes we will still send you four Aligner-B-Outs. Why would you want four? Four is more than one so it must be better! You can keep one in your medicine cabinet, one in your car, one at work, and awkwardly look for a place to put the fourth one. Or keep one in your pocket and give three to friends! Or put two on each hand and run around like an aligner removing wolverine! *ROWR*!!

So how is Aligner-B-Out different than all the other generic aligner removal tools? It is not. They are all basically the same. We prefer that you buy ours so we can keep our lights on. We also try to sell them to you a little cheaper. Plus awesome customer support – Tony wants to be your best friend.

Please buy Aligner-B-Out! You don’t really need it but a lot of people seem to like it.

If you can think of a better name for this product please let us know!

What does this product do?

It helps patients in clear aligner treatment remove their aligners.

Does this product help you put aligners in your mouth?

No, it helps you take them out.

What is the meaning of life?

We don’t know but if you find out please tell us!

Could you seriously not come up with a better product name?

We seriously couldn’t. We tried for hours and went with the first one we thought of. Open to suggestions.

About the Startup

Tony & Wes


Describe your products in 3 words.

Aligner Removal Tool

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Clear aligner treatment consist of removable aligners. Removable aligners need to be removed sometimes….

What makes your product special?

nCase’s mission is to create solutions to improve the treatment experience for all patients. It is our hope that by empowering patients with real-time treatment data, better communication tools, and innovative products that we can increase the efficacy and success rate of treatments. Our first product, the nCase SmartCase, does just that and is revolutionizing the treatment experience for orthodontic patients using clear aligners/retainers.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Two best friends getting to work together to improve the patient experience and then being able to bring family (two wives and a brother) into the business! Fun Fact: nCase was founded at Wes’ house in rural Alabama. All the founders (and their families) moved there to start the company on the cheap. A few months later the house was severally damaged by a tornado causing us to have to relocate for about a month. Some would call this a bad omen but we just chalked it up to another obstacle for our startup to conquer!

Helps make aligners that are in a mouth become aligners that are not in that mouth
Removes aligners
Aligners in Mouth + Aligner-B-Out = Aligners not in Mouth
Removes aligners
Does the opposite of putting aligners in a mouth

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